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The DNA indicates what Amino Acids for the cell to produce.

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Why do you think that it is important that the structure of DNA is the same in all organisms?

DNA is the same in all organisms because we are basically animals

Why is DNA important to living organisms?

it carries genetic information

How is this difference in bonds important to the function of DNA in living organisms?


What do all or the organisms from the three domains have in common?

The most important similarity is the presence of DNA in organisms of all three domains.

Which of these is an important carbohydrates found in living organisms protein DNA glucose or fat?


Why do strawberries have DNA?

All organisms have DNA. DNA allows organisms to produce offspring similar to themselves.

What does DNA unites all organisms mean?

It means that the DNA is the main source in the cell and has the most important job, therefore, uniting the cells.

DNA is the What of all organisms?

DNA is the genetic material in animals, plants, and bacteria. All living organisms have DNA.

What organisms do not have DNA?

All organisms have DNA. Retroviruses contain only RNA, but viruses aren't strictly "organisms".

This kind of DNA made from from the DNA of 2 different organisms combined is called?

DNA created by the combination of DNA from two different organisms is called recombinant DNA or chimeric DNA.

Will bacteria cells have DNA?

Yes. Bacteria are living organisms. All living organisms have DNA.

Why is DNA analysis such a good tool for classifying organisms?

Changes in DNA cause changes in organisms.

What organisms carry recombinant DNA in their genomes?

eg for organisms which carry recombinant DNA : Ecoli

Why is nucleic acids important to living things?

Nuleic acids (DNA, RNA) are important information carrying molecules in all living organisms. DNA is generally used to carry the genetic information of living organisms and RNA is genereally involved in the transcription (mRNA) and translation (tRNA) processes that result in the production of proteins from genes coded by DNA.

Do archaea have DNA?

Yes, all organisms have DNA.

Does protozoa have DNA?

Yes all organisms have DNA

Do Eurkaryotes have DNA?

Yes, eukaryotic organisms have DNA.

What organism has DNA?

All living organisms have DNA..

What does a recombinant DNA have?

Well recombinant DNA are DNA that have DNA parts from other organisms. The DNA from the organisms, at least two, are then combined using modern engineering techniques. -Hope I answered your question

What forms part of the important life sustaining molecules such as DNA and RNA?

Phosphorus is essential to living organisms because it forms a part of vital molecules such as DNA and RNA.

Do cells control the traits of an organism?

Chromosomes contain organisms' DNA. DNA is the genetic information that controls the traits of organisms. Chromosomes are found on DNA.

Where do organisms get their DNA?


Does DNA have same basic structure from all organisms?

Yes. The basic structure of DNA is universal for all organisms.

Knowing the sequence of an organisms DNA allows researchers to?

It allows scientist to study specific genes of an organisms DNA.

Does a eukaryote have DNA?

Yes, as organisms, eukaryotes contain DNA.