Why is Diddy on the Nore album?

N.O.R.E.'s failure to capitalize on the very movement of bringing reggaeton (Latino in English and Hip hop) mainstreamed American music which he helped to spearhead. Then came "Y La Familia... Ya Tu Sabe" has dropped and it should be no surprise that "Oye Mi Canto" is on the disc, but after this long most people either bought the single or bootleg it and it dropped N.O.R.E.'s sales dramatically. In short he is integrating "reggaeton" with Hip Hop and to boost his sales and get himself more well known he has often united with other rap artists and to pull in more sales it's apparent Diddy can do this and thus, N.O.R.E.'s can mix his "raggaeton" music and bring it to light. Although a brilliant artist he lacks in lyrics and by adding more people into his mix Noreaga both lowers the burden for having to carry an album and increases the lyrical viability of the album in EITHER language, allowing him to simply be the charismatic thug he is when called for and not worry about any kind of "dopest rhymer" credentials. The guests run the gamut from well known hip-hoppers like Fat Joe and Lil Rob on songs like "Mas Maiz" to well known reggaeton stars like Don Omar on "Reggaeton Latino" to combining both together on "Bailiar Conmigo" and mixing Don Omar with Diddy and Big Mato.