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Q: Why is Ender given to the Dragon Army?
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In Ender's Game what is the first team ender goes in?

Ender first enters Salamander Army, and then gets traded to rat army, and then Graff sends him to an army that ender commands Dragon Army. In Dragon Army Ender meets a kid named Bean.

What army is Ender assigned in chapter ten?

Dragon Army, his very own.

In Ender's Game what were the name of the groups he was in?

salamender army dragon army and 1 other but i forget

How do you make a ender dragon egg in minecraft?

The ender dragon drops it when defeated

How much health does the ender dragon have in minecraft?

The ender dragon has 100 hearts of health.

How do you make an ender dragon in minecraft?

You can't. Go to " The End " to fight the Ender Dragon.

What is the funnest monster to fight on minecraft?

The ender dragon and ender men

What technique did Ender use for his army?

he used the ender force

Can you ride the ender dragon in Minecraft?


How do you get a dragon egg in minecraft 1.8.1?

kill the ender dragon

Where can you find the ender dragon mod for Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is a part of Minecraft, not a mod. You probably need to update Minecraft.

Which mob in minecraft has the most hp besides the ender dragon?

The Wither has 300HP which is actually more than the Ender Dragon's 200HP.

Is there an ender dragon in minecraft on xbox 360?

no xbla minecraft is the equivalent to mc beta 1.7.3 before the ender dragon [who is very weak] wnd all that ender crap was added

How do you spawn an ender dragon?

do /summon EnderDragon

What is the strongest boss in Minecraft?

ender dragon

How do you defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

The best way to kill the Ender Dragon is to destroy the Ender Crystals that heal it (preferably with a bow or maybe snowballs as well since these crystals are on obsidian pillars), then focus your attention to killing the Ender Dragon. Make sure to have your bow enchanted with Infinity. If you're having problems getting the Ender Dragon close look away for a few seconds, it should come to you. Also the Ender Dragon can destroy any blocks apart from obsidian and End stone.

How old is bean from enders game?

Bean, as mentioned in ENDER'S SHADOW, was about seven when he went into Dragon Army and fought in the Third Invasion. To check my answer, and also because it is a genuinely good book, read ENDER'S SHADOW.

How does ender inspire confidence and loyalty in the soldiers in his army?

In Ender's Shadow Bean talks to Shen ( Ender's first friend) who says that " Ender wakes up the good inside you", which is actually quite lyrical. Also, when given a battle two days in a war he finds that flattery is helpful.

What does the ender dragon drop?

TONS of xp, a dragon egg, and a trip home.....

How do you ender pearl in minecraft?

With the ender pear you can teleport that costs you some hearts and you just need to right click, the eye of ender is used to track down the ender portal that leads to the ender dragon.

Can the ender dragon be tamed on minecraft?

no it can't but with a mod you can

Can you fight the ender dragon again in minecraft?


Do you need a mod to find the ender dragon on minecraft?


How do you use the ender dragon spawn egg?

You cant

How do you find the ender dragon in Minecraft?

Find and activate an End portal in an underground Stronghold, and jump through it. You will find yourself in The End, where the ender dragon is flying about.