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because he fought for the revolutionary war!he helped the americans

win the british war!he was the first president of the united states.


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George Washington was the first president so he defined the job and set many precedents. However every president sets precedents for the succeeding presidents, particularly if he does something new.

Some of the precedents he set were: the president appointing a cabinet of advisors, serving only 2 terms, addressing the president as "Mr. President" and leading a military force against citizens to enforce law.

George Washington set the precedent that presidents should not dress fancily, demean the people, and also that they SHOULD establish a cabinet.

One major precedent that George Washington set was a limited term as president. He could have been president for as long as he liked but he chose to leave the office after two terms. Only one president has served for more than two terms.

His military service in the Revolutionary War, his leadership in the Constitutional Convention, and his precedents of executive authority as the first US President.

George Washington considered holding the Presidency a necessary burden.

George Washington is the richest past president. George Washington is the richest past president. George Washington is the richest past president.

He was the the first president and he was a general of the british army. he set down the first precedents and set a government type.

George Washington became president in 1759.

George Washington was president of the United States of America.

No, George Washington was the 1st US president.

He started a cabinet and set many different PRECEDENTS

George Washington was not president in 1903. Washington was president from 1789 to 1797. Theodore Roosevelt was president in 1903.

Washington was the most respected man of his time and considered the most able to be president.

President. people wanted him to serve more than that, but he had served the army his whole life, and was tired of it. The 2-term of office was one of the precedents set by Washington.

George Washington George Washington

He was the leader of the army that fought to create what became the United States. He subsequently was unanimously nominated as the first President and set many precedents for that office.

George Washington was the first President of the U.S. George Washington

The capital when George Washington was president was New York.

George Washinton was the first US president and is referred to as the Father of the country.yesYes, George Washington was the first President of the United States.Yes, George Washington was the first US president.Yes, George Washington was the 1st president of the United States.

George Washington was the 1st president, George Walker Bush is the 43rd president.

The Washington Monument in Washington D.C. honors the first President George Washington.

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