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We've had this problem have to install a check valve (use a swing check and install it horizontally) in the recirc return line, so water cannot flow back through it and mix with the cold when you use the faucet.

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Q: Why is Hot water coming out of cold water line after installing a recirculating pump?
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What is the purpose of a check valve on recirculating hot water system?

To prevent stratification of the hot water molecules into the cooler water as heat goes to cold

Why would 2 2007 Kia Optima heater quit working?

Possible leak in the water recirculating system ... or ... the engine thermostat is now working correctly and needs replacement,.

What causes dirty water coming from cold water side in tub?

If the water is coming from the main, it should not be dirty. If it comes from the cold water storage tank in the loft, maybe it needs to be cleaned or covered.

Do you hook up ice maker to cold or hot water line?

I am not a plumber, but am in the process of installing a water line myself...and all of the research I have done says the water line should be hooked up to the cold water.

When installing a washer which side is hot water?

Standard instillation of a washer identifies the valve s as hot on the left, cold water on the right. In any water instillation, the standards are hot on the left and cold on the right.

Why taps are separate for hot and cold water?

Not all plumbing devices do; some have combined hot/cold taps. In either case, hot and cold water lines are separate, the hot water coming from a water heater. The simplest taps merely control each line, letting the user measure out how much of each they want.

Why does cold water come out of a hot faucet first?

Unless there is a recirculating pump the hot water has to come from the hot water heater. Depending on how far away it is from the faucet, it can take 15 to 30 seconds for the hot water to get there. Since there is nothing in the pipe to keep the water hot, it cools down between uses.

Hwhy do i get hot water but no water when turned to cold?

Odds are that the cold water lines to the faucet you are trying to use are shut off but the hot water lines coming from the water heater are not. That is why you have hot water but no cold water.

Can i use copper-pipe installing hot water heating system?

Yes, copper piping is usually recommended for both hot and cold water systems.

No cold water because of a burst pipe outside the house can I still use the hot water taps inside?

No, the cold water supplies the water heater also. No water coming in means no water at all.

Why is hot water coming out on cold side on an water heater?

Was put in Katrina workers way! with it!

The valve in the faucet?

cold water tub facuet is corroded bye hard water builtup and needs to be replaced. Hot water is okay. Its the right one with the cold water coming out