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Because Sufism is about peace, spirituality and closeness to God which is what Islam is all about. Conclusion: Islam is Sufism and Sufism is Islam.

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Q: Why is Islam incomplete without sufism?
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What is the mystical tradition of Islam is known as?

"Sufism" is the correct term for the mystical tradition of Islam.

Is sufism and Islam different path?

Sufism is a branch of the Sunni sect of Islam. Sunni's are the most popular sect.

Sufism is a mystical sect of?

Of Islam.

Sufism is a mystical brand of?


What is mystical tradition of Islam?

a. Sufism

Does Sufism believe in women's rights in Islam?

Sufism is part of Islam . All true sufis practice Islam and shariah . Hence they have no other view , their view is same as is islamic view . Women have rights as mentioned in Qu'ran and Hadith .

What is the purpose of Sufism?

Answer The theory of Sufism in Islam is to know the Allah and achieve the nearness of the Allah only.

Is without iman Islam is incomplete?

yes. faith and iman r very imp components of a muslim.

Who mainly practices Sufism?

Sufism is mainly practiced by the Muslims. But the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Christians also practice Sufism.

Is Sufism a cult of Islam?

Of course it is NOT. it's a religion that millions of people believe in and followAnswer:A cult is defined as a group that follows the will of a living leader. Islam is a monotheistic creed. All matters go back to the Book of God - and the example of Muhammad. No living leader can tamper with that.

What is jamaat salkeen?

its SUFISM. the group of sofi's called salkeen. This jamat teaches about the pure islam. it's practically P.H.D teaching of islam.

Without eman the building of Islam is incomplete?

yes because without EMAAN our prayers are not accepted by ALMIGHTY ALLAH without emaan our deeds,prayers,dua has no meaning