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John Adams

Why is John Adams important to the American revolution?


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John Adams nominated Goerge Washington as the commandar in chief because George fought in the French and Indian War.

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he was a president and he took part in the American revolution and he signed the constitution

He was important because he was the fairest Vice President to fair laws.

I guess because his cousin was Samuel Adams

John Adams role in the Revolutionary war was to get the british out of there land and out of there stuff.

what did Jhon adams do to be inportant to the america revolotin

john adams role in the revolucionary war was to get the british out of their land and out of their stuff

Samuel Adams was the governor of Massachusetts and a ringleader of the American Revolution ,along with his cousin ,john.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Hancock. People of that sort.

she wrote her husband later during the reloution her husband was john adams

What are some questions you would ask john Adams during the American revolution.

John Adams was one of the original leaders of the American Rebels in the American Revolution and eventually became one of the Founding Fathers.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Molly pitcher, Betsy Ross, Paul Revere.

Some of the many significant figures who participated in the American Revolution include Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and John Adams. Another prominent figure was Thomas Jefferson.

Hw as the president he had to be involved in it! <3

he became president and vice president

He organized the Committees of Correspondence.

before the American revolution he was a patriot, after he was a federalist.

John Q. Adams was born in 1867. He was not quite nine years old when independence was declared. He did not play a noticeable role in the revolution.

Before he was president or involved in the American Revolution, John Adams was a lawyer, teacher, political writer, essayist, and diplomat.

No, there was no President then. George Washington, our first President, became President right after the American Revolution

John Quincy Adams has written: 'The heroes of the American revolution' -- subject(s): Fourth of July orations

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