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Lysol is not considered a type of basic solution. It is considered a type of acidic solution due to being comprised of mostly hydrochloric acid.

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Q: Why is Lysol basic?
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Can Lysol kill ringworm?

Lysol will not kill ringworm according to Lysol.

What does Lysol mean in texting?


When was Lysol created?

Lysol was created in 1918.

Is Lysol a mixture or compound?

Lysol is a mixture.

Lysol Coupons?

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What is the molecular formula of Lysol?

Lysol is a mixture, not a compound.

Where can I obtain lysol coupons online?

You can get discount Lysol coupons from the Lysol website. You can get Lysol coupons from various other websites and also from social media sites such as linkedin.

What is the pH of Lysol?

the average pH of Lysol is approximately 9.

Where is the Corporate headquarters for Lysol?

where is the main corporate office of Lysol

Does Lysol really repel mosquitoes?

It has not been proven that Lysol will repel mosquitoes. You also do not want to spray Lysol on your skin.

How many people use Lysol a day?

There is no official numbers as to how many people use Lysol each day. According to the Lysol company, there are 83 percent of people that recommended Lysol.

Who makes Lysol?

Lysol is a disinfectant cleaner that claims to kill 99.9% of germs. Lysol is manufactured by the Proctor and Gamble company.

What kills more germs bleach or Lysol?

Lysol does, I tested it out in biology

What is Lysol in french?

Lysol is spelt the same way as it is spelt in english.



Will Lysol spray harm pets?

Will lysol disfect sprau harm dogs

Can you use Lysol to kill head lice on your bed?

yes you can use lysol

What are the active ingredients of Lysol disinfecting wipes?

what are the active ingredients of Lysol spray?

Will Lysol spray bleach colors?

Regular Lysol spray will not bleach colors. But there is another kind of Lysol spray, which has Clorox bleach in it. THAT will bleach colors.

Where can one purchase the white can of Lysol spray?

Lysol products are a very popular line of cleaning products. The white can of lysol spray can be found almost anywhere that sells cleaning products. Some examples are Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart, and Rexall.

Does Lysol kill sperm?

No. Lysol is not sufficiently spermicidal to be used in that capacity. Furthermore, Lysol is not intended for exposure to mucus membranes -- it's dangerous when used like that.

Is Lysol flammable?

Considering that Lysol contains Ethanol and SD Alcohol, it is indeed flammable.

Can you mix ammonia with Lysol?

EDIT BELOW Answer: Lysol Concentrate and Lysol IC do NOT contain bleach. MSDS sheets say never mix Bleach and Lysol Concentrate or Lysol IC! Products with bleach that are labeled "Lysol brand" do not contain Lysol per se., they are another composition with the bleach. Due to lysol's bleach base (WRONG, see above), mixing it with ammonia results in a toxic substance that is lethal upon inhalation. I would advise against mixing the two.

How do you dispose of Lysol?

Go to a home depot or something like that they usually have something there where you can dispose of Lysol

Can you put lysol on hats?

Lysol can by put on hats and other apparel items to kill of germs.