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Mars is red simply because it is rusty. All the iron oxide colors the soil, hence the nickname the"Red Planet."


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Mars' soil is red because it's dust, soil and rocks contain reddish iron dioxide.

the soil is orangey-red some soil is dark red or black

the rust on mars gives it its red orange color

Mars' soil is red because it is very rich in iron oxide.

Because Iron Oxide (rust) is blended in with the soil of Mars, which is why it appears red.

red The Martian soil appears red in every part of Mars, and we can see Mars as a red point of light when we look up in the night sky. Mars has red soil because the soil contains iron oxide, and the iron has rusted. This may signify that there might once have been water on Mars, because iron minerals need water to rust.

Mars is known as the red planet. This is because the iron in the soil gives it a red color. Mars is thought to have once had lakes and oceans.

Because of the amount of iron in the soil. When iron oxidizes, it becomes red, like rust on a bicycle left outside for too long. So since the iron in Mars' soil has oxidized, the soil is red.

The atmosphere of Mars is not red. The atmosphere of Mars is actually a very tenuous CO2 atmosphere. The soil composition is actually what makes the planet red.

Mars is known as the Red Planet

No! It is red because of the reddish iron soil.

because it has a lot of iron in it. to know more about mars,

From iron in the Martian soil.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.

well people call mars the red planet , because the planets soil is all red and thats why its called the red planet.

Red (Red because of the Iron Oxide in the planets soil.)

Because of the high iron content of the soil, Mars is known as the Red Planet!

Many people think that Mars is red but it's actually a butterscotch color. It looks red because of the iron in its soil.

i had this in my homework, its Mars

Mars. Caused by iron oxide (rust) in the soil.

No the iron in the soil gives it the reddish colour.

Mars is a rocky planet covered in red soil.

Mars resembles to be red because of the red dust and soil on its surface.

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