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Why is Otto von Bismark famous?

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Otto Von Bismark is accredited with the Unification of Germany, which led to the German's overconfidence in WW1.

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Which nation was unified by otto von bismark?

The nation that was unified by Otto Von Bismark was Prussia and Germany. Otto Von Bismark ruled in Germany from 1960 to the early years of 1890.

What was the legacy of otto von Bismarck?

Otto von Bismark United Germany

Who originated realpolitik?

Otto Von Bismark

Which century did otto von bismark exist?

Otto von Bismarck lived from 1815-1898.

Who was the leader of the 2nd Reich?

Otto Von Bismark

Who was the first counciler of Germany?

Otto von Bismark

Who is credited with unifying Germany?

Otto Von Bismark.

What strategy did otto von bismark use to make Prussia?

Otto Von Bismark didn't make Prussia, he Unified Germany and made Prussia the head state.

What did otto von bismark support?

He supported the king of Prussia

Who Did Otto Von Bismark write a letter to?

Leopold von Gerlach, a Prussian General.

Who was the German Army Chief Of Staff in 1914?

Otto Von Bismark

Who was the chancellor of Prussia who worked to unify Germany?

Otto Von Bismark

What did otto von bismark succeed in doing in 1871?

Unify germany

Who was the first chancellor of Germany?

try Bismarck. I'm not sure, but search on him. yeah...its Otto von Bismarkbismark

Where was Otto Von Bismarck and Simon Bolivar from?

Otto von Bismark was born in Saxony, PrussiaSimon Bolivar was born in Caracas, Venezuela

What is Otto von Bismarck most renowned for historically speaking?

Otto von Bismark is most famous for unifying German states and keeping the nation peaceful with a different style of diplomacy. He is also credited with changing the face of Conservatism.

Was Bismark a composer of music?

The most famous "Bismark" was Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), the Prussian politician who became the first chancellor of the German Empire. Only an undated mention can be found of an Aurel von Bismarck, a composer. But jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931) had the middle name Bismark.

Which nation did otto von bismark believe was the greatest threat to peace in Europe?


What title did Otto Von Bismark take as ruler?

he took the title as chancellor of prussia.

What nation was unified by otto von bismark and later ruled by kaiser whilhelm 2?

Germany .

Who was the first chancellor to unite the German states under prussia?

Otto von Bismark... maybe.

Why was Otto von Bismark called the iron chancellor?

his diplomacy of real real politics and powerful rule.

What are the similarities between Otto von Bismark and Adolf Hitler?

Used warfare as an instrument of national policy

What steps did Otto von Bismark take to achieve nationalism in his country?

Otto Von Bismark was a very strong military leader and he used this to achieve nationalism in his country. He won many battle to gain land for Germany and this gave German citizens a sense of pride for their country.

The German chancellor who united Germany and kept the peace in Europe through the last 1800s was who?

Otto von Bismark.

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