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Q: Why is Patrick Henry famous besides his speeches?
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Related questions

Who was famous for his brave speeches in defense of colonist rights?

was it patrick henry

How many speeches has Patrick Henry given in his life?

Patrick Henry did five speeches.

How many speeches did Patrick Henry deliver?

Patrick Henry gave a total of 5 speech's in his life.

How did Patrick Henry prepare for his speeches?

the continatal congress had a secret meeting to discuss these speeches i suppose

What was Patrick Henry known for?

Patrick Henry was known for giving inspiring speeches to the colonists about how they should deserve to be free. Henry lead a lot of colonists into the war. Patrick Henry is most famous for saying "i know not what course others may take, but as for me , give me liberty or give me death".

What are some of Patrick Henrey's Speeches?

Patrick Henry said'' Give me liberty or give me death!''

Who delivered two of the best-known speeches of the Revolution?

patrick henry

What famous saying is Patrick Henry famous for?

Patrick Henry's famous saying is give me Liberty or give me Death

What subjects were in Patrick Henry's Patriotic speeches?

they covered the wrights and laws of the colonies

Who was a Virginia patriot whose speeches helped the revolutionary war?

Patrick Henry

Who was a Virginian Patriot whose eloquent speeches helped to stir up resistance to Britain?

The Patriot's first name was Patrick.His name is Patrick Henry, known for his famous speech "Give me liberty or give me death"Patrick Henry

Why was Patrick Henry an important figure in history?

he made speeches that everyone looked up to

When did Patrick Henry give his famous speech?

Patrick Henry gave his speech on March 23,1775

Why did Amos singltree oppose the constitution?

Patrick Henry and Amos Singletree, in my opinion. Mostly Patrick Henry though because he was a firebrand and his speeches had a great effect on people.

Who wrote Patrick Henry's famous speech?

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What was a quot of Patrick Henry?

A very famous quote by Patrick Henry was "Give me liberty, or give me death."

What is Patrick Henry famous for?

partick Henry is famous for his speech "give me liberty or gove me daeth

Famous people with the first name of Patrick?

Patrick Henry, Kennedy dempesey

What were the contributions of Patrick Henry?

One of Patrick Henry's contributions was his famous speech, "give me liberty, or give me death"!

How did Patrick Henry contribute to the American Revolution?

patrick henry was famous for his speech "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death"

Who were some famous anti-federalist?

Patrick Henry

How Did Patrick Henry Became Famous?

he gave a speech

Who famously said give me liberty or give you death?

This sounds like a funny Hollywood miss-use of the Famous statement by Patrick Henry "Give me Liberty or Give me death."

What challenges did Patrick Henry face before famous?

I make hem famous.

Was James Madison's defense of the constitution a rebuttal to Patrick Henry?

Yes, he made many speeches supporting the ratification of the Constitution, but the given in rebuttal to Patrick Henry was made on June 6, 1788.