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The problem definition stage is probably the most important stage in the research process because it involves several interrelated steps. One it ascertains the decision maker's objectives. That is, the purpose for conducting the research and what the decision maker hopes to accomplish. Also, it narrows broad and vague ideas into manageable specific difficulties to to solved. In other words, it helps decision makers zoom in on the right questions to be answered. Two it gives background analysis of the problem in view. That is, it points to where the problem is located, how it fits with current developments, and what the current environment is, which is crucial when working out whether a solution will actually work or not. Three it isolates and identifies the problem rather than the symptoms. That is, it gets to the center of the problem to be solved so that possible solutions can be generated.

In essence, the problem definition stage allows decision makers to identify the specific problem to be solved so they can search for alternative solutions, which as a result, help them select the best alternative that eventually decide the course of action.

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Q: Why is Problem definition stage is the most critical in the research process than the problem solution stage?
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