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Why is Red Sea named the Dead Sea?

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The Red Sea and the Dead Sea are two separate bodies of water.

The Red Sea separates Africa from Asia. It is a large inlet of the Indian ocean.

The Dead Sea is a large saltwater lake bordering Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. It is made after the river Jordan flows from the Sea of Gallilae down the river and lands there. It gets it's name The Dead Sea because it is so salty nothing can live in it.

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The Black Sea and the Red Sea are named after colors.

The Dead Sea is called the Dead Sea because no living creature can live in it (other than humans) It is also so named because there is no water that flows out of it...

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if you read the bible god named the red sea i think!It takes its name from algae that grows in the sea and certain times of the year turns red

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The Jordan River is what flows into the Dead Sea. The Wadi Arabah is a dry riverbed that continues from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea.

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the Mediterranean sea, the red sea the dead sea Don't believe the Dead Sea "surrounds"" Israel. It is in it.

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It looks like any other sea... so i have heard.It was actually named after the pigment in the bacteria in the 'red' sea.

Like a stone. It is the Dead Sea, north of the Red Sea, that has such a high salt content that it will keep you afloat.

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