Why is St. Editha's church called St. Editha's church?

For the historical figure also named Editha, see Eadgyth.
{| ! style="background-color: gold" colspan="2" | Saint Editha |}
{| ! Born | 10th century, England ! Died | 10th century ! Venerated in | Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism ! Major shrine | Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK ! Feast | July 15
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| Saint Editha was an early English abbess, who lived in the 10th Century. She is often said to have been the daughter of the Anglo-Saxon king Egbert of Wessex, and although scholars seem to agree that she was of Royal blood, there are differing opinions as regards her actual ancestry. Her feast day is July 15. She was the first abbess of the Benedictine settlement founded at Polesworth Abbey by St. Modwena and King Egbert. The abbey exists to the present day and is still used for regular services. The saint is commemorated in a number of churches around the Midlands, the most notable of these being Polesworth Abbey Church and the Collegiate Church of Tamworth, which bears her name. Other churches dedicated to St. Editha include Amington Parish Church (also in Tamworth), as well as a number of churches in Louth, Lincolnshire.
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