Why is Texas important to the US?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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first of all its who said it is impotant, second of all they are a whole heck better than California in making stuff, third of all it is big and makes us more powerful and u cant mess with texes or ur face will be reorginized and all limbs torn off.

It is impotant and don't answer if your ignorant


Dr Pepper

Big Red

Star Trek

Automated Traffic Lights

Artificial Hearts

Car Radio(unofficial/Mabye)

Heart-Lung Machines

Electric Typewriter

MASH Hospitals

Typewriter Correction Fluid (White Out)




The topic of Stories for many Hollywood Films (Westerns)

First Successful Heart Transplant

Dell Computers




Best Buisness In America

P.S Your are right about us being big it's the second largest in America

and Don't mess with Texas cause will kill ya Lol we have the right to carry a gun on our hip as long as you use it only in self defense, and you can buy a gun like ya buy milk, eggs and bread.

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Q: Why is Texas important to the US?
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Why is the Texas revoutlion important to us today?

its not

Why is Spain important to us?

i think spain is important to us because when we signed thr treaty with spain saying we wouldnt settle in texas they alowed us to have just as the fact they let us own florida for us to have florida and not settle in texas thats really important because we dont settle in texas anymore we still can in florida.thats why spain is kinda important to us

What is the most important historical fact about Texas?

Texas was an independent Republic before it joined the US.

What are the most important settlements in Texas?

Texas (and California) has three of the 10 largest US Citiies.

Describe the Battle of the Alamo and explain why it is an important symbol in us history?

The question is incorrect. The Alamo is part of Mexican and Texas History. The Alamo was not part of the US.

Why was Texas Statehood an important event in the US?

It increased the size of the nation and began the search for manifest destiny,

Describe the battle of the Alamo and explain why is it an important symbol in us history?

The question is incorrect. The Alamo is part of Mexican and Texas History. The Alamo was not part of the US.

Why is Texas poverty percent higher than the US?

Because the US is in Texas and Texas in the US and people lick horses and watermelon

Why did Spain give Texas to the US?

Spain did not give Texas to the US, the US took Texas from Spain in a war.

What happened to George W. Bush before he was president?

The most important & significant fact of former US President, George W. Bush was that he was a successful governor of a large complicated US State. That being the State of Texas.

What are important minerals in Texas?

Petroleum, Helium and Coal are the 3 most important Minerals in Texas

What number was Texas when it joined the US?

Texas was the 28th state to join the US.