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Why is WikiAnswers bad at its job?

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Some common problems with WikiAnswers are that new questions take a long time to get answered, and answers are sometimes short and unhelpful. WikiAnswers tries to solve these problems by holding contests and Answerthons, but there are still many unanswered questions. Check out the related questions below for some tips on getting your questions answered on WikiAnswers.

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Can WikiAnswers help you search for a job?

WikiAnswers is not a job-hunting site, but a Q&A site.

Why is WikiAnswers such a bad site?

It is not. Stop slamming Wikianswers.

Is it bad if you are obsessed with WikiAnswers?

Of course it isn't, WikiAnswers is a source of information so a WikiAnswers obsession just furthers your knowlage.

Poptropica WikiAnswers how to apply for the job on counterfeit?

You don't apply for a job on counterfiet!!!!

Can people lie in WikiAnswers?

If they are bad, they could.

Do people put bad answers on WikiAnswers?

I'm afraid so. Some people can't be trusted. Vandals put bad answers on WikiAnswers.

Why is this site so bad?

WikiAnswers isn't a bad site. It just has its good contributors and bad

Is there a job for a 12 year old?

On wikianswers, the minimum age for any job is 13.

What is going to happen with your job?

If we had jobs we wouldn't be on wikianswers.

How bad is WikiAnswers?

Not bad at all. There can be a few offensive things but other that that nothing

Don't you think this website is bad?

No, I don't think that WikiAnswers is a bad website.

Why is cyberbullying bad in WikiAnswers?

For the same reasons it's bad anywhere else.

Can you not answer with duh and attitude on WikiAnswers?

No, you cannot answer questions with 'duh' or with any kind of bad attitude on WikiAnswers. People do not want to get an answer from someone who is in a bad mood, or from someone who just wants to make them feel bad by writing 'duh', when it wasn't obvious. Even if it was obvious, you are not allowed to write 'duh' or anything else with a bad attitude on WikiAnswers.

WikiAnswers are good or bad?

better than answers.com

What is the worst thing about WikiAnswers?

The worst thing (which is the only bad thing) about WikiAnswers is the vandals. The vandals only aim to ruin WikiAnswers, and is the only bad thing about WikiAnswers. Vandles i think are the best thing about wikianswers as it adds a little spice to an otherwise boring website. ( ie Squirrelman) By the way i am going to haunt you Squirrelman if you change this i will get you!

Do WikiAnswers Supervisors get paid?

No, they are regular contributors who do this as a hobby. Community Assistants' (CA's) work in the WikiAnswers office and they do. It's their job.

What are seven kinds of bad words?

WikiAnswers is a G-rated website. We will not teach you bad words.

What sort of site is WikiAnswers?

yes bad viruses jkfhnjkhf

Can you say bad words on WikiAnswers?

No, out of respect to others, don't.

What Job Is Best For you Quiz?

WikiAnswers is not a quiz site. We are a question and answer website.

Why is Vandalism bad?

Vandalism in general is bad because it is destruction of property that isn't yours, and could lead to serious consequences.Vandalism is bad because it is an intent to ruin WikiAnswers as a Q&A site, and is destruction of 'property' that is not yours, so vandalism isn't tolerated on WikiAnswers and is bad.

Issue Why is there no 'Windows 7' category at 'WikiAnswers?

There it is. I see it now. The Bobit did not take me there when it should have. Bad Bobit.

On WikiAnswers why do users delete an answer and save it?

The two main reasons for contributors to delete an answer on WikiAnswers and save it are to remove "bad" answers or to vandalize.

What does it take to become some sort of Wikianswers admin?

The administrators of WikiAnswers who have all the powers of supervisors and more are Community Assistants. They are the ones who actually get paid to work on WikiAnswers, and you must apply for a job at Answers Corp. and request to work with WikiAnswers.

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