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Why is WikiAnswers free?

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Because the advertisers on the pages pay to be able to place their ads there. Would you do this if you had to pay for it ?

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Does it cost to register with WikiAnswers?

No, to register with WikiAnswers is free.

How much are you charging me?

WikiAnswers is a free website. We do not charge for membership.

Is there a monthly fee?

No, WikiAnswers is totally free - we don't have monthly fees at all.

Is money needed for membership in WikiAnswers?

No, membership on WikiAnswers is free.

How much does wikianswers cost?

Using WikiAnswers does not cost anything. It is free.

Why does WikiAnswers send you free stuff?

To encourage people to contribute on WikiAnswers.

Does it cost to sign up fo WikiAnswers?

No, a Wikianswers account is free of charge.

What is the cost of joining please?

Joining WikiAnswers? Well, to join WikiAnswers, it is free!

Are images on WikiAnswers free?

yes they are.

Who hates WikiAnswers?

People who don't love free information and some collaborative team effort. WikiAnswers is free and supported by a community of volunteers.

Well is this free to me?

Yes, using the WikiAnswers site is absolutely free.

Is this site totally free?

Yes. Wikianswers is completely free to use.

Can you start a group on WikiAnswers?

Community members are free to create their own unofficial groups on WikiAnswers.

Do you have to pay for the answers?

No, WikiAnswers is a free service.

Is this site free of charge?

If you mean WikiAnswers yes it is

Are you being charged for this account?

no, WikiAnswers is free to the public

Can you get a panfu gold account for free?

WikiAnswers will not provide information on how to get payed memberships for free.

Can you make a site free with this question thing?

No, you cannot make a free website using WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is a question and answer site, not a website designer. You can ask a question how to make a free website, though, and you could get a good answer.

Do WikiAnswers Influential Teens earn money?

No WikiAnswers is a very free community. Wiki Answers i think is with Affilation of WIKIPEDIA as its a free contrib. It just the community looks at you better

How do you get to be a contributor?

If you sign up for WikiAnswers you become a contributor but you can also contribute being a guest. And signing up for WikiAnswers is Free.

Is WikiAnswerscom take questions for free?

yes, all is free with wikianswers! It's what makes it great.

Is a free website?

Yes it is. WikiAnswers is 100% free and fun. make an account ASAP.

Is it free to sign up for this website?

Yes, it is completely free to sign up for this website. WikiAnswers

Can you get free Virginmobile airtime minutes here at WikiAnswers?

Not at this time.

How much do you cost?

Absolutly nothing. Wikianswers is a free website.

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