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Why is WikiAnswers so brief and un-thorough?

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wikianswers is for quick easy answers. For info on a big subject you can go to

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Why do the answers on WikiAnswers not have much detail?

Wiki is a Hawai'ian word- means quick. The site is intended to permit one to ask a brief question, and get a brief answer. Like this.

Information and facts about the Ak-47?

Wikipedia has a good article on the AK- Wikianswers is for brief answers.

How do WikiAnswers contributors know so much?

The WikiAnswers contributors know so much because they learned that much in school and from WikiAnswers.

Why does WikiAnswers have so many members?

WikiAnswers has so many members because Wikianswers is a great site to ask your questions and get them answered [by real people], or answer a question yourself. So, why not join the WikiAnswers Community today?

Is WikiAnswers fake?

No, WikiAnswers is not fake. If WikiAnswers was fake, you couldn't have asked the question you asked, and I wouldn't be answering it. So, WikiAnswers is real.

Write a brief note on kupier belt?

WikiAnswers is not designed to do your homework for you. There are dozens of online resources including which you can use for reference.

What is the charge for answering questions?

There is no charge for answering or asking questions. All WikiAnswers wants are brief, clear and accurate answers. If you can do that, great!

Why is WikiAnswers so distracting?

Wikianswers is not distracting. It is only distracting when you become addicted to it.

Is it bad if you are obsessed with WikiAnswers?

Of course it isn't, WikiAnswers is a source of information so a WikiAnswers obsession just furthers your knowlage.

What is a brief story?

Brief Means short. So when they might say "write a brief story" It means write a short story.

How did get so much information?

WikiAnswers has so much information because the people who contribute to WikiAnswers know a lot, and the more contributors know, the more information WikiAnswers will have.

How do you use 'WikiAnswers' in a sentence?

You have just done so in the question itself.

Is WikiAnswers American?

WikiAnswers was originally developed as FAQ Farm by an American, so you could say WikiAnswers is American-made, but not American. There are many people of all kinds of races and are from all around the world, so WikiAnswers isn't just American.

What is the list of every one on WikiAnswers?

So far, there isn't a list that lists every member on WikiAnswers. However, there is a list of every Supervisor on WikiAnswers, just not every member that WikiAnswers has.

Why is WikiAnswers so mean?

Wikianswers isn't mean, it only becomes mean to you if you break the rules.

How do you send your own question on 'WikiAnswers'?

You just have - and by doing so, you have answered your own question !

Can a ladybug eat a mouse?

In brief; NoIn brief; NoIn brief; NoIn brief; NoIn brief; NoIn brief; No

How come there are so many questions on WikiAnswers?

There are so many questions because people have lots of questions and they come to WikiAnswers seeking answers!

Does WikiAnswers believe there is life outside of earth?

'WikiAnswers' is a website filled with millions of users, so there is no 'WikiAnswers' as a whole. Therefore, WikiAnswers doesn't really have an opinion, since it is an inanimate object, or website, and doesn't have an opinion. Its users have opinions, but there are millions of them, so it is impossible to list them.

Why is WikiAnswers so much fun?

Because there is so much that you can do!

Does WikiAnswers work on an iPhone?

You can get to Wikianswers on a mobile, but it isn't mobile friendly so it isn't particularly ergonomic.

Why isn't WikiAnswers real?

If you are asking a question and you are using WikiAnswers, it must exist. So it must be real.

Is the maker of WikiAnswers a girl?

i hope so.

What is organization in WikiAnswers?

so you can organize an question.

Can you install an application for WikiAnswers on your iPhone?

So far, there is no mobile app for WikiAnswers. However, you can use Safari to make a screen icon (looks like an app) so that way the WikiAnswers homepage will load when you are connected to the internet.