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Another reason that boys may not be asking you out is that they see you as someone who is more of a permanent type woman and they don't want to go there. That is okay!! Keep your life interesting and you will be ready when the guys are ready for who you are. If you can, become a good friend to some guys and that will help, too. Check out the link for The Declaration of Undependence by Susan Dietz. ( I'm just an ordinary dad, but hopefully I can help. Keep your spirits up by continuing to be outgoing but sensible. I'm sure you've heard this before, and it is true: there is no need to rush into anything. Some of the guys who appear to be good lookers and are out there on the prowl usually won't make decent boyfriends. Also, there are those that would make excellent boyfriends, but are scared to death of rejection, due to the fierce competition out there. It may be easier just to keep playing Video Games, they may think. Please be patient, caring, alert, and never ever compromise your morals on the latest thing going out there. People will see the beautiful aura around you, and soon you'll have what you seek. Good luck. Lets date. Whats your number

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How do you attract a Capricorn woman?

If you are intelligent and show you are grounded

Why intelligent men attract dumb women?

Possibly because the dumb women want to be intelligent like the men

What can you do to attract women and be more confident while doing it?

byy jus being yourself !

What kind of girls attract Justin Bieber?

I Think That Shy Intelligent Girls Attract To Justin Bieber Hope that answers Ur question

How do you attract your first boyfriend?

First you look at him alot then you ask him out

What do boys think girls are attracted to?

teen boy likes a girl who is confident in theirself that what really attract them.

Power to attract?

Smile, and try to look confident and approachable without looking like you're trying to hard.

How do you Attract Older Men?

first ,older man like woman not girls so wear more conserved clothes second, most older men like intelligent woman third, men like confident woman and not needy finally ,if you like an older man just tell him .

Why doesn't she have a boyfriend?

She may not want a boyfriend. She may not be trying to attract a boyfriend. Or she may not be the most popular girl, and the not popular boys are too scared to make a move

How do you attract a boy in 9th grade?

Dont over do it. When he looks at you wave and smile. And be confident of yourself and boys will find that attractive.

What if your boyfriend and you don't like the same things?

Well you and your boyfriend may not survive. but in other cases opposites do attract! good luck though!

What makes something hilarous?

a joke!!! tell this one to your friends why do men prefer intelligent women? They say opposites attract!

How do you attract my ex boyfriend back when he likes another girl?

you make the girl not like him of course!

Do you have to like what your boyfriend likes?

Not necessarily they do say opposites attract! There should be some common interests though.

How you attract your boyfriend when he ignore you?

Kiss him. Hug him. Give him some time to cool down if he's upset.

Where might one go to attract intelligent and professional gay men?

Go to Trevor Project - A gay hot line for distressed teens.

How do you attract boys in fifth grade?

You dont. Plain and simple. What do you expect to be doing as a 10-year-old with a boyfriend?

What means haziq?

Haziq is a given name for a boy, it is of Muslim origin. Haziq means skillful and intelligent. A person with this name is said to attract success and money.

How do you attract a girl to kiss to a non handsome guy?

you don't have to be handsome. you need to be average in looks, be sweet and kind to her and be her boyfriend.

How do you get a relationship with your crush?

Get closer to a person you have crush on. Try to attract her or his attention. Show your love. Make him/ her falling in love to you. BE CONFIDENT THAT YOU CAN!!! Try to be honest to say "I love you" to her or himHope this help :)

How do you break down the confident guy?

Tell him you're really happy that you too are "just friends". If I were him, I would probably feel terrible and have no confidence in myself to attract women at all. LOL

Can you love someone and hate who you are when your with them?

You can.Maybe you hate you are when you are with them cause you think that you aren't good enough to be with them. Be confident!! You love them, try to attract their attention. Try to get their heart. But use the appropriate way, please.

Should a man talk to woman who he knows has a boyfriend?

Yes there is no problem in talking to her. However he should not try to impress her or attract her towards himself.

How do you attract other men without your boyfriend finding out?

treat them like **** and let them know that you have a boyfriend and make him out to be some real big bad*** or tell them after you slept with them that you have an std theyll keep there mouths shut diffrent names help

What do you do to show someone you like them?

Being confident in yourself first of all attract the person you life to you and to also go the step further to show some one you like them, try to them sincere compliments, find out what the like or they are interested in and show interest in that. Try to tell them too if you have the chance and courage to, that you like them in a confident and friendly manner.