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I'm having this same problem. Someone told me it could be a switch or the Blend Door is stuck. Where is the blend door?

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โˆ™ 2007-09-24 12:29:02
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Q: Why is a 2001 Taurus with climate control stuck blowing only hot air temp ctrl buttons respond but temp setting seems to be ignored all other climate ctrl settings work?
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What would cause the electronic climate control buttons and display in the dashboard of my 1998 BMW 328i die?

if all buttons and lights went out on your climate control then either its not receiving proper power or ground, or the control panel assembly is faulty.

Why won't the Gm envoy recirculate on climate control stay on?

it won't stay on if your blowing it the floor or using defroster.

What does Mercedes climate control amplifier do?

The climate control amplifier is partially responsible for receiving requests from the control head (the buttons that you push), and sending commands to the servo to execute the climate control changes you requested. Example: I have a 1980 450 SEL. The climate control amplifier is behind the glovebox. I'm in the process of refurbishing mine with new guts. I knew mine was bad because the heat wouldn't come on.

How do you reset the clock on a 2003 Mercedes sl500?

On the 2003 model SL, at the digital clock on the dashboard, you'll see a couple of little black buttons....those buttons control the clock. I believe you have to push both buttons at the same time to activate the settings.

How do you remove the Climate Control module on a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Pull the dash trip off gently from bottom to top, (just the dash trim by the climate control) and there will be 4 screws on the climate control module. Its best to buy a used 1996-1999 Mark VIII Climate Control module, since they have "Hard Buttons" on the climate controls. Pull out the old one, and replace with the new model. Newer model climate control modules are totally compatible w/the 1993-1996 models.

How do you reset the codes on your Cadillac?

press off and warmer buttons on climate control center. warmer is also the pass side heat button.

Your climate control buttons and window switch buttons stopped lighting up on your 1993 Mercedes 300d how do you fix?

First of all, are the dash lights also out......if so, the rheostat behind the instrument cluster may be the cause........

You have two 1988 grand marquis one is an ls and one is a gs with an ls package. the ls has the automatic climate control and you was wondering if you could just swap the climate control units in the?

Yes - IF and ONLY if both Cars have Automatic Climate Control. The computer settings are different (Or are 'supposed' to be) - You can always try - if it works great, if not, at least you know.

Where is the settings?

In Control panel you can change you computer settings . First go to Start then search for control panel and then you can chage your system settings.

Where is the computer settings?

In Control panel you can change you computer settings . First go to Start then search for control panel and then you can chage your system settings.

What does Jonas learn about climate control in The Giver?

He learns that they do climate control.

How do you change the setting for the nes controller on Super Mario Bros?

You can't: Nintendo has no control settings on Super Mario Bros. because their are only two buttons and a pad needed to play.

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