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The black feet of the ferret gives them the name "black footed ferret"

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Q: Why is a black-footed ferret called a black-footed ferret?
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What does blackfooted ferret play?

my ferret, kooperton, who is a blackfooted ferret plays tag and hide and go seek, he also plays aattack the human, and pulls off my socks. Ferrets play a lot and play everything

What do ferrets eat naturaly?

Ferrets are carnivores so in the wild they eat meat but they have been bred to eat specially made ferret food. added : domestic ferrets, the ones you keep as pets, cannot and do not survive in the wild. They are 100% dependant on humans for food and shelter. There has never been, in recorded history, a case of a domestic ferret becoming feral. When a domestic ferret is "released" into the wild, it soon dies by predation, or starvation. The "wild" ferret is properly called the North American Blackfooted Ferret, and is highly endangered and protected. They were once thought to have become extinct, but have been reintroduced through a captive breeding and release program. It is illegal to own or bother a blackfooted ferret. In the wild, the blackfooted ferret eats mainly prairie dogs, (and then lives in their burrows)or any other animal it can overpower. Domestic ferrets, the ones kept as pets, should be fed a high protien diet of high quality meat-based cat food. They should NOT be fed dog food, as it does not contain enough nutrient for ferrets. Raw uncooked meats, such as beef, and chicken are also appreciated by domestic pet ferrets.

What is female ferret called?

A female ferret that is unaltered is called a "jill", an altered female ferret is called a "sprite", a mother ferret is called a "dam".

What happens when the black footed ferret population goes down?

They stir upp the ground and help grow fresh grass for the grazers if they die the heards leave and lion and crocodile have nothing to hunt for so then they die to so if the blackfooted ferret dies then 3 animals will die

What are a male female and baby ferret called?

Male ferret is called hob and baby ferret is called kit

What is a child ferret called?

a baby ferret is called a kit.

What is a young ferret called?

A young ferret is called a kit

When was A Ferret Called Mickey created?

A Ferret Called Mickey was created in 2003.

Male ferret called?

A non neutered or castrated male ferret is called a hobor un-altered maleA ferret that has been given a vasectomy is called a hobletA ferret that has been castrated or neutered is called a hobble or a gib

What is the duration of A Ferret Called Mickey?

The duration of A Ferret Called Mickey is 600.0 seconds.

What is a female ferret called after giving birth?

The mother female ferret is called a "Dam"

What is a juvenile ferret called?

A baby ferret is known as a kit

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