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Why is a clothes dryer tripping its breaker?

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It sounds like you need to call an electrician as this could be caused by many things. An electrician will be able to safely troubleshoot and resolve this issue!!

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Why does your main circuit breaker trip when your dryer runs 15 minutes Is it because your vent needs to be cleaned?

Could be but you could also have a weak breaker that will no longer hold the load of your dryer. That is if your talking about your dryer breaker tripping. If your "main breaker" is tripping you have a different problem. Call an electrician in that case. A plugged up dryer shouldn't be tripping your main

Why does your circuit breaker keep tripping when you plug in your clothes drier?

Dryer fault or inadequate circuit, consult local expert.

Which circuit breaker used for an electric clothes dryer?

In North America the most common circuit breaker for a clothes dryer is a two pole 30 amp breaker.

What would happen if a 240V breaker was on and someone attempted to turn on the clothes dryer?

Don't understand this question. If the breaker is on, then the dryer would function normally, if the breaker your are referring to is the one for the dryer. If the breaker is off then no function. A dryer runs on 220.

Why does your dryer keep tripping the circuit breaker?

Either the circuit is too small to power the dryer or something else is drawing on the circuit that does not leave enough power to run dryer.

What is the amperage for a clothes dryer?

A clothes dryer is fed from a 2 pole 30 amp breaker using 3 conductor #10 wire.

What size breaker for an electric dryer?

Most dryers for clothes require a 30 amp 220 volt breaker.

How many amps run dryer 220 volts?

In North America the breaker feeding a clothes dryer is 30 amps.

If a 100a breaker keeps tripping?

If a 100 amp breaker keeps tripping there is an overload on the system.

What will cause a breaker for a elevator to keep tripping?

A bad breaker

Why is electric breaker to dyer keeps getting hot and tripping breaker.?

If the circuit breaker to a dryer, or to any load, keeps getting hot and trips the breaker, then either the load is pulling too much current or there is a loose connection in the breaker or breaker panel. Either condition must be fixed to reduce the risk of fire.

Why does my electrical circuit breaker keep tripping?

too much on one breaker

SMy Breaker box is tripping one of my 20A's How many times can I just reset it before I have to shut it down?

If you have contineous tripping on a breaker then there is a fault on the load of that breaker. Don't reset it any more. What is the breaker connected to?

If you install a 30A 240V GFI breaker will this be ok or will the cycles the dryer has prematurely fail the breaker?

I suspect you mean GFIC breaker. The dryer will not cause the breaker to fail.

What size breaker do you need for a dryer?

Usually a double pole 30 amp breaker for and electric dryer.

Can you convert a stove plug to a dryer plug?

Yes, you can. Don't forget to also convert the stove BREAKER to a dryer BREAKER (otherwise your dryer can someday fry well before the breaker trips).

Did my dryer trip the breaker or vice versa when I turned the breaker back on but now the dryer won't work?

The dryer tripped the breaker. Have it repaired. Don't try to use it again. You could cause a fire.

What is the metal piece on the circuit breaker preventing it from tripping?

A circuit breaker is designed so that it will trip when the electric current is too high. That is the purpose of a circuit breaker. If there is a metal piece on the circuit breaker that prevents it from tripping, it is useless. Perhaps someone has altered it.

When a circuit breaker keeps tripping what do you do?

faulty equipments are connected to the same circu it and overload the breaker

What to do when a breaker keeps tripping?

Get a new fuse and replace the old one, or buy a new breaker.

How many amps are in a typical circuit breaker?

There is a number on the end of each breaker handle. This number represents the maximum amperage handling the breaker will allow before tripping. There is a number on the end of each breaker handle. This number represents the maximum amperage handling the breaker will allow before tripping.

Can you plug an electric dryer into an outlet on a 40 amp breaker?

Electric clothes dryers in the U.S. should be on 30 amp breakers only.

What can you do if you're newly installed dryer keeps tripping the electrical panel repeatadly and it also trips the GFI in the Garage at the same time?

If the GFI that is tripping is a different circuit, there is electrical leakage between the circuit the GFI is controlling, and the dryer circuit. It is possible that there is some cross wiring in the electrical box. I would strongly recommend getting a licensed electrician to look at it, preferably before you have a fire. If the GFI is the same circuit as the one where the dryer is plugged in, you might want to have the dryer checked for leakage to ground. You should also check the dryer circuit's rating against the rating of the breaker in its circuit. A dryer typically takes 30A on usually a single two-gang breaker; if you have a larger dryer that pulls, say, 45A, a 30A breaker will always pop. It sounds to me like a bad electrician has, instead of buying a proper two-gang 30-A breaker, installed your dryer across two circuits, one being the garage GFI circuit; the dryer, because it pulls 220V, pulls an unbalanced load across the GFI and triggers it, and the other circuit breaker is triggered because it loses the extra power provided through the GFI. I cannot emphasize this enough: get this checked out and fixed. Now. Before you get a house fire.

Did i do any damage to my 30 amp dryer wire by crossing it to trip the circuit breaker accidentially?

Visually inspect the wire at the short contact point. If there is no copper loss and the wire was not reduced (big crater hole) where the contact was made you are OK. If there was copper loss then cut the wire back to where the conductor is good and reconnect the dryer. There should be no damage to the dryer if it was not turned on. The breaker tripping was doing its job of protecting the wire from the over current.

Clothes dryer will not turn off?

my clothes dryer wiil not stop when the time has expired