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If you are building a woodworking shop that will have several 240V tools can you install multiple 240V outlets on the same 30A circuit if only one or two tools will be running at the same time?

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November 18, 2008 12:53PM

Yes you can have multiple 220 outlets, but if you are using multiple saws and start kicking your breaker, do not put a bigger breaker in to keep it from tripping you'll break up the protection inside of your wire, and then you'll have major problems. If it don't burn down. If you do start tripping the breaker you will need to run another circuit. Don't just "get used to resetting it." It is a very bad habit and will possibly wear your breaker out. -- HMM... not so sure about that. Maybe that's how they do it where nobody cares. It's against most electrical codes to put more than one 240V appliance on a single circuit, or even to create the possibility by adding receptacles. The simple answer would be to either add a circuit (within the limits of the panel and service) or to unplug one tool and plug the other in.