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Yes you can have multiple 220 outlets, but if you are using multiple saws and start kicking your breaker, do not put a bigger breaker in to keep it from tripping you'll break up the protection inside of your wire, and then you'll have major problems. If it don't burn down. If you do start tripping the breaker you will need to run another circuit. Don't just "get used to resetting it." It is a very bad habit and will possibly wear your breaker out. -- HMM... not so sure about that. Maybe that's how they do it where nobody cares. It's against most electrical codes to put more than one 240V appliance on a single circuit, or even to create the possibility by adding receptacles. The simple answer would be to either add a circuit (within the limits of the panel and service) or to unplug one tool and plug the other in.

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How many outlets on 15 amp circuit?

Install not more that 10 on a 15 amp circuit. You can install 12 if you install a 20 amp circuit.

Can you install a GFCI on a 2 wire circuit?

Yes, you install a GFCI on a 2 wire circuit.

What do you install second when building a computer?

I install stuff.

What could you install to prevent a parallel circuit from overloading?

you can use a fuse or circuit breaker

How do you install circuit brakers?

Pay a qualified electrician.

How would you install ge circuit breakers?

There are many ways one can install ge circuit breakers. One can install ge circuit breakers by turning off the power supply, removing the panel cover, testing it for power, and installing it by alining the breaker with the unused panel space.

What do you install first when building a computer?

The motherboard

What is a sentence with the words circuit breaker in it?

Example sentence - We hired an electrician to at the circuit breaker and install an updated panel.

How do you install the 1M circuit board into the visual boy advance?

to install it you go ouside and say hi to the world

How do you install a GFCI circuit?

This article explains it in detail: Learn How To Safely Install a GFCI Outlet at The Home Depot

Can you install photoshop elements 7 on multiple computers?

Only if you bought a multiple computers package.

How many feet of light track on a 20 amp circuit?

If the 20 amp circuit is a dedicated light circuit with no outlets or any other lights on the circuit you can install up to 1920 watts of lighting. Using 60 watt track lights you could install up to 32 track lights. If there are other lights on the circuit deduct those.

When building a computer the first component you install is the?

The Motherboard..

How do you improve the filter in a circuit to reduce noise?

Install a bigger one

How many lights and outlets can be installed on one circuit?

Depends on if it is a 15 amp or 20 amp circuit. You can install no more than 12 outlets on a 20 amp circuit or 9 outlets on a 15 amp circuit. You can install no more than 1920 watts on a 20 amp lighting circuit or 1440 watts on a 15 amp lighting circuit. If it is a 20 amp circuit I would not install any more than 8 outlets and 4 lights. If it is a 15 amp circuit I would not install any more than 6 outlets and 3 lights. This only applies to living spaces like bedrooms, living rooms dining rooms, and not to kitchens, baths, utility rooms, garages, etc.

Can I legally install the Sims 2 Expansion Pack on multiple computers?

No you cannot, you must purchase multiple licenses or multiple copies of the game.

How do I get my landlord to install portable handicap lifts in my building?

The first step to getting your landlord to install a handicap lift in your building is to write him a letter with your request. He may be willing to work with you on this.

Is it possible to switch on and off the lamps of a parallel circuit independently?

Only if you install separate switches for each part of the circuit. The whole point of a parallel circuit - is that both parts of the circuit are controlled by the same switch.

How many lights can be on a 15 amp circuit?

Depends on the wattage of each light and if ONLY lights will be on the circuit and no outlets. On a 15 amp circuit at 120 volts it is rated at 1800 watts. But the NEC restricts you to only a load of 80% of the circuit so that means you can only load the circuit to 1440 watts. Assuming you are installing 75 watt can lights you can install 19 can lights. Install 65 watt can lights and you can install up to 22 can lights. But if you installed fluorescent can lights pulling 14 watts each you can install 102 lights. Install 15 watt LED bulbs and you can install 96. You will have line voltage loss so be aware of that on any long run. The fact is that someone could come along and remove the fluorescent or LED bulbs and install regular bulbs. So my advice is to assume each light to be a 75 watt light and limit the circuit to no more than 19 lights.

How do you install a new circuit for an outdoor outlet?

You will need an electrician. Tim is probably right in that unless you are knowledgable, call an electrican. Saying that, if you are knowledgable, you must install a GFCI circuit outdoors. This can be tied into an existing circuit if that circuit has no more than 9 existing lights & plugs already connected. Use 12/2 with ground wiring.

What were the steps to building a computer?

order parts, asemble,install

Can I install multiple Hard Drives in my CPU?

Yes, you can install multiple hard drives in your computer. If you have multiple internal bays then you can install drives inside the case. If not, you can buy external Firewire and USB drives that attach to the ports on the back of your computer. If you are unfamiliar with opening your computer, then choosing an external solution is the easiest and beth method.

Can you safely install 3 prong plugs with old knob and tube wiring?

Install an AFCI breaker on the circuit with the outlets you replace and you will be fine.

Why does my 1995 mercury villager blows 10 amp fuse?

A circuit that keeps blowing a fuse, is caused by a Short in that circuit, loose connections causing arching, overloaded circuit, or a fuse that is too small for the circuit load. Do not install a fuse bigger than the circuit was designed to handle. Someone may have install too small a fuse. Check fuse list and see if the proper fuse is installed.

I would like to change from charter cable to any other cable company that does not require equipment to be install outside a building?

Time Warner Cable does not require equipment to be install outside a building