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cus otherwise you have no teeth and no one would date you

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Q: Why is a dental health checkup important?
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How often should a person have a dental checkup?

A person should have a dental checkup with cleaning twice per year.

Why is getting regular medical and dental checkups important?

Regular health checkup can screen the person for developing illnesses, medical issues and access your risk of future medical problems and takes you to a healthy lifestyle.

How does microbiology apply to dental hygiene?

Microbiology applies to dental hygiene because microscopic organisms can live in your mouth. Dental health is important to your overall health.

How important is external dental health care?

External dental health care is a very important factor when it comes to you health. You should visit your dentist every six months, and by having this it certainly helps. You can find helpful information here:

How many times should you get a dental checkup?

six months a year

What is medical health checkup?

where your health gets checked up

If you need a routine health checkup which facility is most cost-effective?

It's good that you are caring for your health and searching the best possible way for it. The regular health checkup is best way for it. It will track your health status and helps you & your doctor to take the proper step to prevent any serious health condition at its initial stage. As you want know about the best medical checkup then here you can find what affordable health checkup exactly and how it is helpful for you and your health.

Best Master Health Checkup in Puducherry?

There are several measures to take into consideration while preparing for a master health checkup in Puducherry. Your doctor will provide a list of pre-test preparations associated with this checkup to look out for any abnormalities and discuss suspicions before a master health checkup for aiding an optimal effectiveness in treatment..

oral health?

dental health

Why is dental care so important?

Practicing good dental health is important to maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. It will also help your appearance and quality of life. Your dental health team consists of you and dental health professionals. Together, you can prevent many dental problems from causing a diminished quality of life and potential medical complications.

When was Canadian College of Dental Health created?

Canadian College of Dental Health was created in 1994.

What has the author Ann Felton written?

Ann Felton has written: 'Basic guide to oral health education and promotion' -- subject(s): Dental assistants, Dental health education, Health Education, Dental, Health promotion, Methods

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