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Because the stove burner conducts the heat through the pan to cook the food.

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Q: Why is a electric strove is a conduction?
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What are types of conduction?

Thermal and Electric

Which is an example of conduction?

An example of conduction is a the heating of a pan on top of an electric stove.

Is an Electric water heater conduction or convection?

The first: conduction from the solid heating coil

What does covering a saucepan handle with plastic help to prevent?

It prevents the conduction of heat or even conduction of electric current shock in electric saucepan.

What a example of conduction?

A good example of conduction is the way your electric stove heats the pot. On contact, the heat from the burner transfers to the pot through conduction.

Does an electric grill use conduction convection or radiation?


What is an electric tester?

An electric tester is used to test the conduction of electricity through 2 liquids.

What is charging by conduction?

Charging an object by conduction is charging it by allowing it to come into contact with an object which already has an electric charge.

How do electric cookers work?

Electric cookers work through conduction. The electric burner is heated up and a pot or pan is placed against it. This contact allows for conduction and the content in the pot is heated in the same way.

What is an example of conduction?

An example of conduction is a metal spoon in a cup of hot electric current flowing through water

What example does conduction go in to?

a the heating of a pan on top of an electric stove

What is electric charges?

electric charge is kind of state in which a substance is able to pass or gain certain amount of conduction in it.

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