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The water in your pipes is under pressure so that it comes out of the tap when you turn it on. If there is a hole in the pipe (i.e. a leak) then the water will come out under pressure, the same as if you turned on your tap - if this hole faces upwards then there will be a jet or water like a fountain. The height of this jet is dependant upon the pressure of the water

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Q: Why is a fountain of water seen rising out of a leaky pipe?
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How can I stop a leaky water pipe in my crawlspace?

1. Replace the pipe, 2. Shut off the water

Explain how you can fix a leaky PVC water pipe?

Brake it down

Why do we have air in our well water?

Because you have a leaky pipe joint or a bad pressure tank.

What is the definition of fountain?

a spring or source, spout of water issuing from a pipe, jet of drinking water.

What is the name of a short pipe for channeling water?


How do you patch a leaky water supply pipe?

I cut out the offending part and replace it with an appropriate pipe and couplings. Patching is 'Mickey Mouse' and will not last.

Can a water fountain be installed right beside a pool?

YOu can definitely have a water fountain installed near a pool. The plumbing has nothing to do with each other, you just need to have a drinking water pipe leading to the water fountain and you would probably want an electritian or plumber to help you with that, and have them run the pipe either above or below ground.

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it would be a leaky water pipe, the bath tub, or maybey the toilet

A pipe where water may be drawn?

Rising main for drinking water or distribution pipe for other draw off points

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It comes from the toilet water. As the water goes down the pipe, a system cleans the water, taking out all of the contaminants out of the water. Thus making water for the water fountain.

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