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A hung parliament is one where no political party has enough MPs to command a majority of seats (50% + 1) in the House of Commons.

A parliament is hung in the physical sense that an object suspended in air from its centre of mass hangs in equilibrium, tilting neither right nor left. In the political sense then, neither the Right nor the Left holds the balance of power.

Thus, some disagree with the use of the term "hung" and the negative connotations this carries. Some prefer to describe hung parliaments as "balanced", as neither the Right nor the Left has a monopoly on power and, theoretically, at least, they are forced to work together to strike a balance.

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Q: Why is a hung parliament so called?
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What is the meaning of a 'Hung Parliament'?

A Hung Parliament is a situation in which after a General Election, no political party has enough seats in the respective Parliament to form a majority (therefore have more than half of the total seats in the Parliament). Coalition governments are often formed as a result of a Hung Parliament.

What is it called when the winner of a primary election fails to win an absolute majority of the votes cast?

hung parliament

What is a hangparliament?

A hung parliament is one in which no party has an overall majority. The UK parliament will have 650 seats. If no party gains 326 seats or more in today's General Election, there will be a hung parliament. If there is a hung parliament the two largest parties (Labour and Conservative) will be trying to form pacts with any of the smaller parties in order to gain an effective majority.

Why was there a hung parliament at the 2010 election?

because no party had an overall majority

What improvements did Australian states gain during the 2010 hung Parliament?

None so far, just a lot of politicians talking' .

What is a hung parliment?

A hung Parliament is where one party IE Conservatives have lets say 250 seats. labour has 200 and Lib Dem's have 60. the Conservatives cannot win on the majority as labours and Lib Dem's seats are more than the Conservatives. That is a hung Parliament.

When was the last hung parliament in Britain?

1974 was the last one before was this one

Which two countries had a hung parliament?

A hung parliament is when no single party wins an overall majority and in order to form a government a coalition is formed. Lots of countries have had that situation. Ireland and the United Kingdom are two examples.

What is the hanging Parliament?

A hung parliament is one where, after voting, neither party has the majority of power (or seats). To put it simply, it's a draw.

Which parliament is called mother parliament?

The British parliament has often been called the Mother of Parliaments because so many other governments have copied parts of it for their own systems of governments.

Who won the election 2010?

no one... it was a hung Parliament although the Tories did get 250 seats.

Why was the 1295 Parliament called a 'Model Parliament'?

They were called the model parliament because they were the first actual parliament.

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