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Q: Why is a micro fractured knee such a serious injury?
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What damage can be done from a fall on one knee?

That depends on how hard you fall and on what surface. The injury could be anything from a small bruise that will heal shortly to very serious knee damage resulting in micro fracture knee surgery.

Why did the rock retire?

the rock retire because of a serious injury to his left knee

What is average works comp fractured knee cap?

What is the average workmans comp settlement for traumatic fractured knee cap

How much can i get for a knee injury?

how much can i get for a knee injury i had 3 knee surgerys

What made Patrick Swayze move from athletics to acting?

A serious knee injury forced him to change his plans.

What treatment is given to a dislocated knee?

A dislocated knee is a serious injury. Treatment for it starts with treating vascular and nerve injuries, after that the "meniscus" and "cartilage" are repaired.

Is it safe to run if you had a serious knee injury like tearing of the ACL?

You may need support to the knee in order to prevent from over straining the joint. Tearing your ACL is a serious injury, and you should consult a physician before taking up running or strenuous exercise beforehand, or you may result in injuring the knee again.

When do you need to get a knee brace?

When you get a knee injury.

What is Willis Mcaghee's injury?

First he had a knee injury, but when he got carted off the field to the locker room, he had a neck injury. Was it serious or will he be able to join training camp in the spring? I don't know. do you?

What does it mean if you have a sudden knee injury for no apparent reason?

Sudden knee pain with no injury

How do you prevent knee injury?

Wear Knee Pads.

Why would your knee be swollen from a knee injury?


Is An injury to the lower leg proximal or distal to the knee?

An injury to the lower leg is distal to the knee.

What was Tom Brady's injury in 2008?

knee injury

What kind of injury did Triple H have?

a knee injury

What are the risks of rollerskating?

Well, if you are not wearing a helmet you may get a serious head injury or if you are not wearing elbow and/or knee pads you may get scraped.

What is the most common injury for a wrestler?

A knee injury or a heart injury & a neck injury

Do you wear a boot for a fractured knee?

Yep. U can also get a cast

What are the best knee supports to buy for a knee injury?

The best knee supports to buy for a knee injury would depend on the type of injury. However, the best brand generally is Donjoy. Bort is also good for arthritis.

Can girls die from football injuries?

It depends on how serious the injury is. if the girl gets a really bad head injury it is possible she could get a concussion or maybe die but it has to be really serious. or if they just fall and cut their knee its still an injury but she wont die. again they will only most likely only die if it is really, really serious

What are good aerobic exercise machines for people with a previous knee injury?

The best way to recover from any serious leg injury is to use your pool. The resistance from the water is effective yet gentle enough because you are not putting much weight on your leg or knee.

What is the average workers comp knee injury settlement?

The average workers comp knee injury settlement is about $75,000.

What is the compensation for knee surgery?

Compensation depends on a variety of factors: * Loss of earnings, including overtime and bonuses * Travel to and from medical appointments * Any medication * Cost of any special equipment or adaptations * Care given by members of your family or others * Damage caused to any of your personal effects But to claim compensation someone else has to be at fault to cause this personal injury. I put an article together a view weeks ago about compensation amounts: * Very severe knee injury: £38,000 - £52,500 * Severe knee injury: £28,500 - £38,000 * Serious Knee injury: £14,750 - £23,500 * Moderate Knee injury: £8,000 - £14,750 * Modest knee injury: up to £7,500 Above is the range of compensation you can receive.

What is bilateral amputation?


How do you heal a hurt knee?

It depends on the type of injury. Usually you can proform rest, ice and elevation. if that doesnt help you should go see a doctor because the injury could be very serious. s