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She is not the biological mother but is the wife of the biological father.

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What relation to me is the second wife of my father?

The second wife to your father if she is not your mother is called your step mother .

What rights does a step mother have when divorced in Washington state?

A step mother has no legal rights regarding her step children.A step mother has no legal rights regarding her step children.A step mother has no legal rights regarding her step children.A step mother has no legal rights regarding her step children.

Is your step sister's mom related to you?

Your step-sister got to be your step-sister because her mother married your father. So her mother is your step-mother. That is how she is related to you, as your step-mother.

What do you call your wife's step mother?

Your wife (or husband) -s' step mother is your step mother in law.

What do you call Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa is now called Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, this is the last step before canonization.

Who is King Tutankhamuns father and mother?

His mum was kiya and his dad was Akhenaten also tut had a step mother called nefertiti.

How do you say step mother in Maori?

Whāea whakaangi = step mother Matua whakaangi = step father

What was Leonardo da Vinci step mother named?

his stepmother was called albiera vinci

Who raised Lincoln?

His father and step mother. It was his step mother who taught him to read.

Is Tiger Woods step mother African American?

Tiger Woods' mother is Kultida Woods, he does not have a step mother.

Chrsten bale get in a fight?

There was a dispute in a London apartment involving him, his wife, step-sister, and step-mother. His step-sister was asking him for a considerable amount of money and he said no which lead his step-sister to insult his wife, so he tried to defend her and his mother called the bobbies saying that he had attacked them

What was Moses step mother?

Moses step mother was the Pharohs Queen. Her name was Nephateri

What movies have mother in the title?

"Step Mother", and I think "The Mother"

Is it possible to be your step fathers step father?

Yes. Your step-father is who he is to you because he married your mother. If you married his mother, you would be his step-father. Strange but true.

Is it bad for a college student to date his step mother?

Yeah,why would you date your step-mother

What was Abraham Lincoln's step-mother's name and what was Lincoln'S relationship like with his step-mother?

the name of his step mother is wasSarah Bush Jonhston and there relationship was very well and his step mother soon said that she love him more than her own children

What was Roald Dahl's step mother's name?

Roald Dahl's step mother was called Marie. But Marie died before Roald was born, so he never really had a stepmother. His father was called Harald.

Who is Hitler mom?

Research cannot find Hitlers biological mother, though we know he had a step mother called Klara. Hitlers fathers 3rd wife.

Is a step child related to their step mother's mother?

Step children are related by marriage to their step parent.

What other name can you call your step mother?

If you don't want to call your step-mother 'mom' or 'mother' then ask her permission to call her by her first name.

What is step-mother in french?

a step-mother is une belle-mère in French. The same word is also used for a mother-in-law.

What do you call the relationship between you and the husband of your mother when you are not adopted by the husband of your mother?

Your mothers husband would be your step father and you would be a step son or step daughter.

Mother of the thutmose lll?

Queen Hatshepsut was his step- mother.

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