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if it's a male it is its hemphenes basicaly its penis. if its a female chameleon it could be going through labor

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What do you do if your chameleon has a red bulge out its anus?

You should take him to a reptile vet, your poor chameleon could be having a prolapse or have a hemorrhoid. It can be extremely painful so take him in as soon as your read this.

What color is your anus?

uhh .. red!

What color do Chameleons turn when they are angry?

They break out in red and orange spots!

What are the red things coming out of female guinea pigs anus?

sows do not have blood during periods so its some other blod which is coming out and it a bad sign of uri it is a good move to take your pet to a vet asap

What is a red itchy circle inside by your anus?

a rash

What is the itchy red sore anus?

Most likely it is a hemorrhoid

What does the inside of your anus look like?

red mushy buttockey.....

Where are the red blood cells in the human body?

in your mums anus

What were the names of the British troops in the Boston Massacre?

The Red Coats (are coming!) The Red Coats (are coming!) The Red Coats (ate coming!)

What coulors do chameleons change into?

Chameleons change change into a variety of colors, including black, brown, yellow, green, orange, red, blue, and pink. But different species change to different colors.

The red coats are coming?

Paul revere said the red coats are coming

You have these red itchy bumps on your buttocks and the around your anus what are they?

its called hemroids

What is this red bump inside your anus?

See a doctor. Only they can tell you.

Why do red apples brown faster than green or yellow?

Red apples have a larger anus to let out poo.

What is it when a red ring appears around your anus?

Food allergy or yeast overgrowth

What is a red itchy circle inside your butt by the anus?

Probably a fungal infection.

Why is poop red?

It can be red from hemorrhoids in the anus, an ulcer, or from food coloring. If this happens to you all the time, go to a doctor immediately.

What is the red lump coming out of your turtles bum?

e Whatis the red lump coming out my turtle buttI

When is Justin bieber coming to red deer Alberta Canada?

is justin Berber coming to red deer

When Red Dead Redemption coming in psp?

Its not likely it will be coming out.

Why is your fecal matter red?

It can be red from hemorrhoids in the anus, an ulcer, or from food coloring. If this happens to you all the time, go to a doctor immediately.

What are the colors of chameleons?

Their colors show emotions. If they are offended, they turn bright red. If they are annoyed, they turn black and grey. When they are green, they are calm.

What is the chameleon's behavioral adaptation?

A chameleon's behavioral adaptation is colour change. Chameleons change their colors to represent mood. For emaple, a chameleon may change red or red orange if it feels angry or territorial. Also chameleons change color to match their environment. Although they can go this, they can't copy details images, like flowers, but they can match pigment and colour. It takes a few minutes or in very minor conditions hours, so chameleons couloir does not change as it goes.

Red rash around the anus?

you may want to purchase some softer toilette paper

What are some distinguishing features of the milky way?

First of all it is a spiral shape from the top. If you look at it from the side, you see a straight line with a bulge in the middle. The line is made up of gas, stars, and dust. To the left of the bulge is the sun. To the right of the bulge is a dwarf galaxy that has combined with the milky way. Inside of the bulge is lots of red and orange stars. In the very center is a huge black hole.