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Why is a single proof coin worth more than a complete set?


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There can be several reasons for this phenomenon:

  • A complete set still in Mint packaging may have toned or otherwise degraded coins;
  • Someone collecting a set of a specific denomination rarely wants the entire year set;
  • A single coin can be certified at a higher grade than the rest of the set (sets are rarely certified in their entirety);
  • Some collectors don't want to break up a set, making individual coins rarer.

A proof coin is worth more because it was struck by a custom stamping process. These coins were not minted for circulation, but minted for collectors. The quality of minting is far beyond that of coins minted for circulation.

There is also another reason this happens,, example>>

a 1970-S(san francisco) small date:proof set retails for about $90 dollars..

they take the coins out of the holder and send them to be graded,the coins will most always get the highest grades depending on the grading service used...usually a MS/PR-70 or MS/PR-69 is common.....they then resell each coin the 1970-S small date penny with a red color certified MS69 or MS70 sells for $950.00 for one penny!!!!!

They have paid for the proof set and grading fees for all 6 coins with the sale of the single penny they had graded..................lots and lots of see many single coins on eBay for hundreds even thousands and they have came from a proof set,and are worth 10 times more because they carry the high MS/PR grades................


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If the coin is a Proof coin it is worth about $20 USD. If it is not a proof coin and is uncirculated it is worth about $12 USD. (2/28/2010)

It is worth 5 cents because they are not rare. If it is a proof coin they are worth a max of $5. It is a proof coin if it has a S mintmark.

the 3 coin proof set with 2 silver proof one dollar coins and one 10 dollar proof gold coin is worth about $550.00 retail the 3 coin proof set with 2 silver proof one dollar coins and one 10 dollar proof gold coin is worth about $550.00 retail

Face value only, unless it's a proof or Silver proof coin in its original packaging. Then it's worth about £8 for a proof or around £20 if it's a silver proof.

The Mint issued clad and silver State Quarters (5-coin) proof sets. Post new question as to what type of sets.

The 1993 5 coin proof set sells for about $7.

This depends on whether the coin is a 1990 or 1990 Proof coin. A 1990 gold coin with a face value of $10.00 that weighs 0.25 ounces is worth approximately $390. A 0.25-ounce 1990 Proof coin is worth approximately $420.

The "S" mintmark denotes this coin as a Proof coin. Unless it has been handled correctly it's only one cent. The Mint does not sell single one cent proof coins. If the coin is still in collectible condition, the value is about $2.00.

The US Mint did not issue proof sets from 1943-1949.

They are still worth one-dollar. If you ordered a proof coin from the mint, it is worth more.

In 1986 the United States Mint, by an Act of Congress, authorized the minting of three different coins celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. There was a $5 gold coin, a $1 silver coin and a $.50 silver coin. The $5 gold coin is now worth about $300 in 'proof' (sealed in its plastic container) condition. The $1 silver coin is worth about $20 proof, and the $.50 silver coin worth about $6 proof.

Current retail values for this coin are $15.00 for the uncirculated coin and $20.00 for the proof coin

The S mint mark on the coin identifies it as a proof coin that is only sold in proof sets from the mint. The retail value of a proof 1997s is $16.10 but if the coin was found in a bank roll or in change, it's now only worth face value.

These coins are not rare they are worth only around $2 in uncirculated condition. If it is a proof it is worth around $4. The mintmark "S" will be under the date if it is a proof version of the coin.

Only 5 cents unless it's a proof coin.

25 cents. 1984 is not an especially valuable coin unless it is a proof coin.

This is a Proof coin $1.00

An American Silver Eagle coin's worth depends on the coin. Most proof versions are worth around $85 whereas and uncirculated versions are worth around $55-$100. Some issues are worth a large sum, such as the 1995-W proof, which is worth $3,500.

Proof SACAGAWEA coins run from $1.75 to about $10.00 depending on the DATE an grade.

With the exception of certain proof sets, they are only worth the face value of the coin.

Unless it's a proof coin it's just a dollar.

A 2003 American eagle Silver Bullion coin carried the mint mark: "W." It was produced by the US Mint in uncirculated and proof condition. The uncirculated coin is worth: $18; the proof coin is worth: $35.

A 1973 6 coin Proof set is $9.00. A 13 coin Uncirculated Mint set is $18.00.

It will have no added value, unless it is a GEM uncirculated coin (worth about 25 cents), or a proof coin (worth about 50 cents).

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