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Illegal drugs mess up your head, you end up flat broke and living in a gutter, seriously, don't even do ecstasy, loads of people die, and one sniff of solvents can go straight to your brain and kill you. You will make your parents cry and the chances are, if you don't at least try and get off them, everyone will end up hating you. Alcohol kills your liver, and can mess up your head too, but only if you're drinking all the time. You need to think about going to Alcoholics Anonymous or similar as soon as you feel like you can't face your life/day/workplace without alcohol. Or preferably sooner.

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Drugs are worse this is not an opinion it is scientifically proven. Keeping the confounding variables the same quantity wise class A drugs are worse

This is an entirely unfounded statement.

Now there are many different drugs. Some of them are worse than alcohol or cigarettes but the vast majority of them are less dangerous.

Soft drugs, that is drugs that produce no or next to no physical addiction and are non toxic are pretty safe. Safer than caffeine or aspirin even in some aspects.

Soft drugs include:



Magic Mushrooms


You then have drugs that cause a low amount of physical addiction and are moderately toxic. That mid range group includes:





Then you have the top group of hard drugs, which are fairly physically addicting and fairly toxic, this group includes:






Oxycodone/Vicodin/Px Opiates

Now that only accounts for how addictive they are and how easy they are to OD on. Their longer term health effects and dangers of intoxication are fairly different.

Now Meth is claimed to be the worlds most dangerous drugs often. Meth is a very 'ugly' drug. It makes people's teeth rot out (this is due mostly bruxism and dry mouth caused by the drug, but is actually preventable i the right precautions are taken when using the drug) and does damage to skin and hair, however it doesn't do severe organ damage(except to your brain, which is does damage to your pleasure centers but not much else). So while meth may seem like a really terrible drug it's mostly just 'surface' damage. The meth'd out rages you see people go through really aren't any worse than a drunken rampage if you think about it either.

Now Alcohol is probably the worst drug in existence, period. But there's a few things that keep it from appearing so. Social acceptability is one. It's clean, it's not cut with poisonous chemicals like illegal drugs. It's consumed in a manor where it get's into your body slowly. You'll notice that people don't generally eat Cocaine or Meth, even though both these drugs can be taken by mouth. That's because they're much weaker if the same amount is taken this way. The same is true for alcohol. If people injected alcohol(yes you can inject alcohol, there have even been a handful of alcoholics who have) then it would easily be the worst drug by far. It's pretty much toxic to everything in your body. It causes more organ and brain damage than any other drug. But because it can be consumed by mouth and in smaller amounts and it isn't cut with things, it's safer than the dirty drugs like heroin and cocaine. Now if these drugs weren't cut with things and weren't taken in by injection often, alcohol would be worse.

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This can be very bad for you because illegal drugs can make you go crazy in a bad way, smoking is addicting and causes lung cancer, and too much alcohol can kill.

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Q: Why is alcohol and smoking dangerous drugs?
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