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Why is an alarm clock going off when it actually turns on?

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First of all, it is not the clock that is going off, it is the alarm. The alarm is not coming on, as the alarm has already been set but is just activating. To "go off" means to be discharged or activated, but that still is not the answer, since "go on" should mean to activate.

One would think that it just became a slang term to say "the alarm clock is turning off" or going off could be something to signify a lack of restraint (Dad went off me yesterday for burning down the shed).

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Free alarm clock for vista that turns on computer and plays mp3?

it's wakemeup!

What is needed in order to cause an object at rest to move?

Either an alarm clock or a Force (preferibly not the dark side, as that never turns out well).

What type of simple machine is a clock?

wheel and axle because the batteries in the clock turns the gears inside the clock, which, then, turns the hands of the clock

How to reset the alarm in a BMW 528i?

the alarm in my 528i BMW turns on and off. what can cues this. thank you...

Why is your 92 vigor alarm going off when you unlock the drivers door?

This problem is actually caused by a bad lock actuator. You will need to replace the door lock actuator on the door lock that is causing the alarm to go off. I dont know why, but mine 93 Vigor does this as well. A tip: when u open the door and use the auto unlock, it turns the alarm off so you dont have to sit somewhere while u try to get the alarm to turn off.

On Gear 4 KRG D50 clock radio how do you turn off the alarm after you have woken up?

I think it depends if you are listening to the DAB/FM radio or Ipod or the buzzer. If I want to stop the radio for instance, I just press the on/standby button; that turns the alarm off. Hope that helps.

What is clock wise?

Turning something 'clockwise' would be turning it in the direction the hands on a clock turns. 'Counter-clockwise' would be turning it the opposite direction of a clock. I always remember anti-clockwise from clockwise, by which way a clock turns for clockwise, and the opposite way of a clock turning for anti-clockwise.

Who turns in the alarm against montag in Fahrenheit 451?

His wife, Mildred

When an organism becomes petrified it turns to what?

Actually, it turns out to be petrified!

Which way the fan turns on a 302?

look at a clock and u tell me

What is difference between a fire alarm and a burglar alrm?

A fire alarm turns on when the sensor senses heat nearby while a burglar alarm senses movement or forced entry from a specific area it is guarding..

When you changed the brake light fuse on your 94 Chevrolet Cavalier you noticed that when you push the brake the clock turns off upon releasing turns back help?

I would think that when you changed the brake light fuse you moved the power wire going to the clock, or somehow have loosened the wire for the clock at the fuse panel. You need to find the power wire to the clock and check all this out. Look for any wires that are hanging down and touching the brake pedal arm. This will be a power wire that is hot all the time, ignition on or off.

How do you reset the alarm on an infinity i30?

Not sure if it's the same but on a J30 and Nissan Maxima you put the key in the truck luck and open it. That turns off the alarm.

What should be the key skills if asked in an interview?

Whatever your key skills actually are. If you lie about it, they're going to find out when it turns out you can't actually do any of the things you said you were especially good at.

How many degrees does the minute hand of a clock turn in 1 hour?

The minute hand of a clock turns about 360 degrees each hour.

How does 'Pyro Clock of Destiny' work in YuGiOh?

Some cards count the number of turns that pass, and what "Pyro Clock of Destiny" does is increase those counts by one. "Final Countdown" counts 20 turns after it is activated - "Pyro Clock" will add one to this count, so only 19 actual turns needs to pass. However some cards countdown during Standby Phases, "Pyro Clock" will do nothing to these, it does not literally make a turn pass, just add one to the count of cards which count turns.

What is a time switch?

A device which one attaches a lamp or other appliance to that has an internal clock that turns on or turns off the lamp at your preselected time.

How do you change the clock on a pioneer deh1700 car stereo?

1. Press SOURCE and hold until the unit turns off. 2. Press AUDIO and hold until clock appears in the display. 3. Press the arrows to select the segment of the clock display you wish to set. 4. Press + or - to set the clock. 5. To cancel clock settings, press BAND. You can also cancel clock settings by holding down AUDIO until the unit turns off.

93 Jeep Gr Ch 6-cylinder - All lights interior and exterior are flashing When you try to start everything turns off no lights nothing turns on - What is going on?

Weak battery or the theft alarm is activated. Try unlocking doors(all) with the key.

The alarm on your kia turns on while driving it?

The alarm may go off while driving your Kia due to an electrical shortage. This may also be due to a blown fuse.

Is call of duty 7 going to be made by Infinity ward or Treyarch?

TREYARCH! the two company's take it in turns every year. call of duty 7 is actually going to be called Call Of Duty:Vietnam

When changing the battery on 2004 Toyota Tacoma Pickup will it affect the alarm system and if so how do you reset it?

the factory alarm is turned on and off by the drivers door-key-switch....or with the factory remote if you have one...unlocking the door with the key turns off the alarm...:)

Three complete turns and a half turn round the clock how many seconds?

Three and a half turns of the minute hand = 3.5*60 = 210 seconds.

Why is there a red light blinking in your dash windshield?

That's the warning light for your burglar alarm. Locking the car turns it on.

My remote broke and alarm is set it has starter kill how do i disarm the alarm?

On most vehicles, if the key is used to unlock the vehicle after the alarm is set, the alarm will sound as soon as the key turns in the lock. To shut the alarm off in most cases, insert the key into the ignition and start the vehicle. If the starter kill stops the engine, just restart the engine and it should be fine.

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