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Most mattresses (especially baby and children's mattresses) are made primarily from polyurethane foam. This is a petroleum product with various added chemicals which turn it into a foam. Other chemicals are then added to prevent the foam from igniting and burning (it is petroleum after all). The American Association of State Fire Marshals has called polyurethane foam "solid gasolene" and has asked the EPA to classify it as a hazardous substance. Further, most waterproofed mattresses (once again, primarily baby and children's mattresses) are made waterproof by using a vinyl surface on the mattress. Vinyl offgasses phthalates, a known toxic substance. The American Academy of Pediaricians has recognized phthalates as a suspected human carcinogen. A University of Rochester Medical School study has definitivly linked phthalates to male fertility issues. A study in the International Journal of Cancer links phthalates in vinyl to Allergies and Asthma. Eco mattresses remove these (and other) potentially harmful chemicals.

However, eco mattresses do not necessarily solve all problems. For example, many eco mattresses are made from natural latex, a known allergen (especially for children). Many also use wool which can be similarly problematic. Many eco mattresses are not waterproof, which can lead to bacteria and mold growth, particularly in baby and children's mattresses. Greenguard Environmental Institute ( and Healthy Child Healthy World ( are two independent non-profits that evaluate and recommend eco-friendly and safe mattresses.

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What makes the eco-friendly 2-inch memory foam Mattress pad eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly foam is made from chemicals that are less hazardous to produce, but are still just as comfortable.

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Finish Decorating With The Perfect Mattress?

When furnishing a bedroom, many times the main focus is on the furniture that makes up the room. It is very important that the style, color and size of the furniture agree with your tastes and compliments the room. However, many people forget how important a good mattress is while they are involved in this decorating process. When choosing a bedroom set, choosing the right mattress is equally important as the furniture that is going in the room. Whether you prefer firm, soft, pillow top, or memory foam, your mattress should give you the support you need to get a good night's rest.

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When you are buying a bed there are two pieces. One is the box spring and the other mattress itself. You can use the mattress by itself but to be more comfortable you should get both pieces.

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