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An iron table is made out of iron.

Iron melts (turning into a fluid from a solid) at a temperature 1538 degrees Celsius (2800 degrees Fahrenheit).

Because room temperature is far below the melting point, the table will be a solid.

Besides, it wouldn't be a table if it was a liquid.

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What is the physical state of iron at room temperature?

Iron is a solid at room temperature.The physcial state of Iron at room temperature is solid.solid

Is iron at room temperature solid liquid or gas?

Iron is a solid at room temperature.

What state of matter is iron at a room temperature?

Iron is surely a solid at room temperature.

What are compounds that are solid at room temperature?

Iron Is a compound that stays as a solid at room temperature.

Why is iron solid at room temperature while others such as oxygen are a gass?

Iron is a metal, and metals are solid at room temperature.

Why an iron almirah is a solid?

Iron is a solid metal at room temperature.

How iron is solid?

Assuming the question is "Why is iron solid?" Iron is solid because of its chemical properties. It's place on the periodic table makes it a metal, and metals tend to be solid at room temperature (with the exception of mercury).

Is table salt a solid liquide or gass at room temp?

At room temperature, table salt is a solid.

What is state of iron at room temperature?

Iron (elemental symbol: Fe) is a solid at room temperature (25C).

Why is an iron almirah a solid at room temperature?

this is because iron has a very high melting point and therefore at room temperature it remains as a solid......

Is iron chloride a solid liquid or a gas at room temperature?

Like all ionic compounds iron chloride is a solid at room temperature.

Is iron oxide a solid?

At room temperature it is.

What is the state at room temperature for sodium chloride?

Solid. Table salt, which is definitely a solid at room temperature, is sodium chloride.

What is irons state at room temp?

Iron is a solid at room temperature.

What is manganese like a room temperature?

It is a solid metal. All metals on the periodic table (except mercury) are solid at room temperature.

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