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Q: Why is being able to feel lousy because he disappointed his father a break through for randy?
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Why is being able to feel lousy because he disappointed his father a breakthrough for Randy?

this is because this is the first time he felt anything in a long time so now he actually feels

Who is the father of Sandy's baby in the outsiders?

The father is never specified, but it is NOT Soda's. Sandy cheated on him, and she was sent to live with her Grandparents because her parents were disappointed in their teenage daughter being pregnant. Although Soda said he would marry her, her parents wouldn't let her.

Is God a hypocrite?

No, He is not a Hypocrite, If you are meaning is He a hypocrite because he is jealous of His bride (the church) being stolen by the world through the Father of Lies (Satan) then no, because that is a righteous jealousy.

What is a simile for being disappointed?

Rachel was as disappointed about losing the spelling bee as a pig without mud.

What is the opposite of being disappointed?

* fulfilled * gratified * satiated * contented

Phobia for Fear of disappointing someone or being disappointed?

There is no official phobia for a fear of disappointing someone or being disappointed. However, the fear of failure is called atychiphobia.

Who Hades father in law?

hades father in law is Zeus because persephone is his wife and her father is Zeus makeing him hade father in law along with being his brother

What is the meaning of the word disappointed?

Disappointed is the sadness of unmet expectations. It's the feeling of depression when a person's sense of hope and well-being has been diminished. To be disappointed is the result of failing to reach a hopeful outcome, and having to suffer the consequences. Disappointment is frustrating, and the frustration can grow when disappointments become emotional wounds. It's natural to be discouraged and disheartened when a person's needs and expectations are let down.

Why does johnny like it better when his father is hitting him?

He likes it because he realizes that atleast his father knows that he is there, and that he exists.

When you decide to give your man his every fantasy n follow it through why did he suddenly forget about the things you like to get to be in the mood?

ANSWER:Don't forget every man has different reaction when they are being love. It could be he was so excited to what you were doing, all he can think of is what's next. If you were disappointed by his action, talk to him and tell him that you were a little disappointed with the outcome of your plan.

Because President Nixon had appointed four of the nine justices on the Supreme Court by 1972 many conservatives were disappointed in 1973 when it ruled overwhelmingly that?

The Vietnam War was being fought unconstitutionally because Congress had not formally declared war.

Was Sylvia Plath's father a Nazi?

No. In her poem, Daddy, she references her father being a Nazi because of her hatred towards him, and how he treated her. He was not literally a Nazi.