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Why is binary code suitable for use with computers?

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Binary is well suited for computers because it only needs two symbols to represent numbers a 1 and a 0. In a computer a circuit can be in 2 states on and off hence in the simplest implementation"on" represents a 1 and "off" a 0.

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What type of code do computers use?

Digital computers use binary to perform operations.

Is binary code relevant to computers?

Binary code is the system of representing text or computer processor instructions by the use of the binary number system's two-binary digits "0" and "1".So yes Binary Code is Very much Relevant to computers.

What is the most basic code computers use?

Machine code e.g binary code 011100010001101010001100010001001001

What is the binary code system?

The binary code system is a base 2 system that computers use. It only uses the numbers 0 and 1. In computers, it acts as an on or off switch.

What is the hexadecimal code?

This is a code that computer programmers use to better communicate with computers. Because computers operate on a binary code system that is difficult for humans to understand, a code that made communicating with computers easier.

Why is binary code important for computers?

Computers work with discontinous data i.e. data is not flowing continuously. Binary code (0=off, 1=on) expresses numerical or alphanumeric data that can be read, written, edited, and stored. Modern computers use more complex digital forms, such as hexadecimal code, rather than simple binary, but it has the same binary basis.

What is the name of the system comprising of zeros and ones that computers use to communicate?

It is known as the binary code.

Why was the binary number system adopted for use in computers?

The binary number system was adopted for use in computers because it is the only thing computers understand.

Personal computers commonly use what code system?

Personal computers commonly use the binary code system. It relies on 1's and 0's to indicate an on and off pattern for the computer to process.

Why do computers use the decimal system?

Computers use a binary system, not decimal.

How can a Canadian computer talk with a Chinese computer?

Computers transmit information in binary code (also called "Machine Code") and then the computer's Operating System takes that binary code information and displays it in the language that the operator has chosen for it to be displayed it. All computers, regardless of language or country, use the same machine code.

Why is a binary code suitable for use in the computer?

the computer is a electromechanical device.Basically it is an electronic device.So it understands only on and off.This on and off we represent as 1's and 0's,which are used in binary system. So it is very much necessary to code the computer in binary.

What is the primary use for brinary code?

Binary code is the basic language of "ones" and "zeros" with which computers operate. It is useful to people working in computer science to know how to convert between binary and decimal notations, for various reasons involving basic fundamental operations of computers.

Why do computers use binary code?

Binary is a set of instructions used to control the computer, and works from 1's and 0's, but the computer understands them as on or off signals.

7 Why is binary code suitable for use with computers?

Binary is well suited for computers because it only needs two symbols to represent numbers a 1 and a 0. In a computer a circuit can be in 2 states on and off hence in the simplest implementation"on" represents a 1 and "off" a 0. Although it has been argued that 3 states would be the best number system for computers,, we still have to use a binary system, because we don't have the hardware necessary to work with a 3-states. All our digital electronics are binary since it is easy to represent two states. There is talk of 4 state quantum computers in which 'qubits' would be used.

Do The earliest mainframe used the binary language?

All computers use binary.

Where in the world uses the binary systems?

Everywhere. All computers use binary systems.

Do Computers use the binary numbering system?

Yes,in the functioning of inner circuitry computer uses binary number(0 and 1) but in the working of key board it uses ASCII code.

Why computer use number system?

Computers cannot understand languages. They can only compute data. Because of that, we use binary code because that is pure data.

How computers use binary codes?

Computers have zero IQ. Computer can understand or feel "High voltage" or "Low voltage" or you can say, on and off. Computers use '0' for low voltage and '1' for high voltage. by using the conbinations of '0' and '1' all numbers and characters are classified. for example- if you have to write 'A', It is represented in ASCII code assigned to it and then converted to binary, hence use it.

What Numbers that computers use to store and process data?


Why do computers use binary number system?

computers only understand 1(on) and 0(off)

Why does a computer only use binary code?

Computers currently use switches which can only be on or off. They use a NAND gate to form circuits. Newer advanced computers will use switches that can use three states and will need trinary code. The third state can be called "maybe" or "almost". Quantum computing is different and I can not explain that!

What machine uses binary logic to process information?

Computers use binary logic to process information.

When was the binary code first used?

world war 1 and to and things that use electricity like computers. If you take a game apart it will be just 1010101