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biodiversity increases ecosystem productivity with all the species in that ecosystem , no matter their size,have a big role. A diverse ecosystem can prevent and recover from lots of disasters.

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Three reasons why biodiversity is important is, 1. Importance to nature, 2. Biodiversity brings stability, and 3. Importance to people.

Biodiversity is important to medicine since most medicines are made from nature hence useful to people.

biodiversity is important to the field of medicine because some medicine comes from nature it is the varitey of life in ecosystem it provides people with many useful things

Biodiversity is important to maintain the balance between the ecosystem

The polar bear is important to biodiversity in various ways. It eats some of the species in the biodiversity which creates a balance in the ecosystem.

the biodiversity are conservation of our environment,

Firstly, all areas are important. While the tropics have the most biodiversity, there are different types of organisms in each biome and all contribute to global biodiversity. They each promote ecosystem sustainability and balance nature

biodiversity is importNT bec. humans deoends on animals.

Biodiversity allows a species to adapt and change to its environment.

biodiversity helps all creatures live together

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play.

Biodiversity is important to each biome because it gives each species an important role. It also produces more variety.

by setting up nature parks :)

To protect biodiversity it is important to educate the general public about its importance. Making and implementing rules about biodiversity is another way of protecting it.

Biodiversity means the number of different kinds of animals that exist in the world. Nature preserves protect and nurture a variety of animals, some of which would otherwise become extinct.

Biodiversity is important to human society because it is a natural resource. It is also important because it provides food and goods and it also provides medicines.

Biodiversity maintains a healthy biosphere and provides direct and indirect value to humans.

Biodiversity is the very existence needs of every humans and animals or say every living organisms.It supports, maintain and functions human lives..... Hence biodiversity is important for human lives. It is the duty of us that we sustain our biodiversity for the upliftment of our future..

I am studying BIODIVERSITY in school, Biodiversity is lots of things to do with nature and stuff. It can mean from the circle of life, food chain, how things biodegrade and more check it up on WIKIPEDIA or in a Dictionary to find out more.

They mean that biodiversity is an important thing for a habitat.So, better not try to copy this dude.

Biodiversity is important to Aboriginal people as it makes them feel to be part of an essential aspect of life. This will bring different values together in the society.

rhinos are important to biodiversity because they play a role in the ecosystem and at this point in time they are endangered,and we might be close to losing this species