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Why is blue a better colour than red?

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Answer blue is sighn of victory and red is for luv afffection.and current time by hook or by crook victory prefered by everybody so blue better than red

Neither is 'better', they are simply different.

2012-05-19 06:51:26
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Q: Why is blue a better colour than red?
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Which color is darker blue or red?

Depends. A light blue πŸ’™ is lighter than a dark red β™₯️.

Is pink better than red?

No Because red is the colour of our blood

Why does blue dye show up better in a plant than red dye?

because blue dye is better than red

Why does blue travel further than red in chromatography?

Because blue looks better than red

Why is red better than blue?

Red is more out there than blue is. You can say that red is a more pop out color than blue. Blue is a little shy and does not get you very much attion

How is maroon colour made?

Maroon is made basically, from the colors blue and red, with a mixture of more red than blue.

Will a red container keep water hotter than a blue container?

If the containers are the same apart from the colour, no. But if the red container is more insulated than the blue one, yes If the blue is more insulated than the red, no.

Why is the color blue better than red?

There are many reasons that Blue is better than red. Blue symbolizes victory. red symbolizes death. Blue is the color of the beautiful sky and all the deep, beautiful, full of life, oceans. red is the color of fire. red is the color of caddo... Blue is the color of the Mighty Tribe of OSAGE!!! BLUE!!!! BLUE!!!! red... ? BLUE!!!!!

What is color is not a primary color?

Any colour which is not red, yellow or blue is not a primary colour. In terms of light colour, any colour which is not red, green or blue is not a primary colour.

Is red is better than green?

Depends entirely upto you to which colour you prefer. I like red.

Blue and red make what colour?

Blue and red make purple

What is the difference between a blue pitbull and a red pitbull?

The colour. Red Pit Bulls are red (ginger/fawn) in colour and blue Pit Bulls are blue (grey).

What is better red or blue?

It is all a matter of your personal opinion. I think blue and red or both equal, and neither is better than the other. Blue because blue+yellow=GREEN!

What colour do you get when you mix blue and red?

Blue and red together make purple. For a different shade of purple you can change the shades of blue and red or use more of one color than the other.

Animals with blood colour other than red?

octopus and sqid has blue blood

Is red light more visible than blue light?

because red colour has longer wavelength than other colours of spectra.

What colour is made from red and blue?

if you put red and blue together you get Purple.

Is blue better than red?

It depends on the application and requirements.

The green is in the blue but the red is in the red what am I?

You are a primary colour.

Is it possible for purple and red to make blue?

The short answer is, no. Blue is a primary colour and you can not mix to achieve a primary colour. Purple is a secondary colour made up by mixing equal parts red and blue. Theoretically if you could subtract a colour from purple, taking the red out of it would result in blue.

What colour do you get with red and blue?


What is the negative of the colour blue?


What colour do you get when red and blue mixed?

If you are talking pigments (paint, ink, etc.), than a mix of equal quantities of red and blue should make purple.

Which color is better white or red?

White is the colour of purity, and red is the colour of love. Either colour is better for whatever you require it to represent.

If a star is more massive than your sun what colour will it look?

They could be Blue Giants, or Red Giants, or Red Supergiants.