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it can not stop bullets so why wear it?

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Should military personnel be tried for war crimes?

That's why the US military had the "Articles of War" prior to 1951, and have the "Uniform Code of Military Justice" (UCMJ) today; to use when needed.

When did Mexicans first join the U.S military?

when the United States "annexed" northern Mexico ie California,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona, Colorado,Nevada,wyoming,Utah. There are still many Mexican descended Military personnel serving in the US military today.

Is Fort Scott active today?

Fort Scott, Kansas is a National Historic Site. It is no longer an active military fort.

Where is king saul's armor?

We don't know today.

Was there ever a position of Patrolman in either the Army Air or Air Force during World War 2?

During WW2, as with today, the patrolman's status is filled by 'military police' personnel

How Many US Military Forces are in Korea today?

Because the forces are supported by the various armed services, the exact number can vary widely. However, one estimate is that in 2011 the US had between 28,000 and 30,000 military personnel stationed in South Korea.

How much is 1976 d Eisenhower silver dollar worth today well circulated?

National Guard personnel providing support to the Governor of their State and are not part of Federal military response are classified as

What are two places where NATO troops are today?

138 000 military personnel are engaged in NATO missions around the world. These forces are currently operating in Afghanistan, Kosovo, the Mediterranean, off the Horn of Africa and in Somalia.

Are there more military enlisted personnel in the Air Force and Navy in 2004 than there are in 2007?

There are fewer people in the Air Force today than 3 years ago, but that is not due to the war. Congress has refused to increase the budget of the Air force, so personnel cuts were made to fund new weapons systems.

What branch of the us military was the official combat troops in Vietnam?

Applicable to the US Army only; and ONLY during the Vietnam War (its different today): The official "combat arms" of the US Army were: Infantry, Armor, and Artillery, and in that order (although some will argue about the order of Artillery & Armor). All other branches (Military Police, Engineers, Aviation, Medical Corps, Transportation, Ordnance Corps, etc.) were supporting branches.

What is true of the US military today?

The military is made of all volunteers.

What is a statement that is true of the US military today?

The military is under appreciated. The military is made of all volunteers. The military is underpaid.

Why dont we use war tanks anymore?

The 21st century requires Rapid Deployment capabilities. Tanks are heavy, take up alot of room aboard air transports. Quick reacting armor is what the military is moving towards today.

What is the name of the office that directs the civil service system today?

official personnel management

How many US Air force personnel are there today?

Force strengths are typically classified.

How are knights today like medieval knights?

Today one can simply wear an armor and call himself a knight, back in medieval you had to be a noble.

Today Argentina is ruled by the military?


Is diamond used in armor?

Diamond, although being extremely hard is also brittle so therefore is not used in armor. Most modern armor used today is a composite of several metals and materials and their exact composition is a closely guarded secret.

Where does the phrase chink in the armor come from?

The origin of the phrase "chink in the armor" goes back to the Middle Ages when suits of armor were worn. Enemies would look for small holes in the armor that they could use to penetrate it. Today, the expression is used to mean a small character flaw that might cause problems for the person.

What has the author Judith A Gerdin written?

Judith A. Gerdin has written: 'Health careers today' -- subject(s): Vocational guidance, Health Occupations, Vocational Guidance, Allied health personnel, Medicine, Allied Health Personnel 'Health careers today' -- subject(s): Allied health personnel, Health Occupations, Medicine, Vocational guidance

Is the state no longer useful today?

No it's still of use to us today

How many women served as active duty personnel in World War 2 and are veterans today?

How many women served as active duty personnel in World War 2 and are veterans today?Read more: How_many_women_served_as_active_duty_personnel_in_World_War_2_and_are_veterans_today

How is Napoleon is remembered today?

As a great military stratagist.

Why half mast for flags?

Formerly half mast (Navy) and half staff (Army) were to honor deceased VIPs (Very Important People-US Military & Government Personnel). Today, that tradition has been expanded to many (civilian) people and many events.

What country today could be called a stratocracy?

A stratocracy is a form of government headed by military chiefs, but is not the same as a military dictatorship. A stratocracy is a form of government where the state and military are the same thing. Today, Myanmar would be known as a stratocracy.

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