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Bokanovsky's process is a major instrument of social stability because it allows for the mass production of identical individuals through artificial reproduction methods. This leads to a homogenized society where everyone belongs to a specific caste and fulfills a predetermined role, minimizing social unrest and maximizing efficiency through standardization.

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Q: Why is bokanovsky's process one of the major instruments of social stability?
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In brave new world who says bokanovskys process is one of the major instruments of social stability?

In "Brave New World," the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning is the one who states that Bokanovsky's Process is one of the major instruments of social stability. This process involves splitting one fertilized egg into multiple embryos, resulting in identical individuals who are conditioned to fit into specific social roles.

What is Bokanovskys process?

Bokanovsky's process, a fictional concept in Aldous Huxley's novel "Brave New World," is a method of human reproduction involving the splitting of a single fertilized egg into multiple identical embryos. This process is used in the novel to mass-produce individuals with uniform characteristics and to maintain social stability in a dystopian society.

Social institutions are blank of the socialization process?

Social institutions are an instrument of the socialization process. Socialization has many mediums and tools ranging from the family, education and citizen integration into society. Social institutions are instruments in fostering these processes.

Anaphora in brave new world?

The anaphora is: "stability," said the Controller, "stability. No civilization without social stability. No social stability without individual stability." (Page 42-Brave New World)

Why is government neccesary?

For stability in social life.

Is a sociological theory that stresses stability of social relations and social organization?

Structural functionalism is a sociological theory that emphasizes the stability of social relations and social organization. It views society as a complex system with interconnected parts that work together to maintain social order and stability. This perspective focuses on how different parts of society contribute to the overall functioning and maintenance of social structures.

When studying the traffic system you learned that is a major factor in every social system?

Yes, the traffic system is a major factor in every social system as it affects the flow of people, goods, and services within a community. It influences everything from urban planning to economic development and quality of life for residents. Understanding and managing traffic is essential for ensuring the efficient functioning of society.

What is social systems?

Social System(EDUCATION) - it is an orgnization establish which focuses on the social recreation or social stability. Source: My teacher.

What is social stability?

Social stability refers to a state of balance and order within a society, where there is a sense of security, harmony, and cohesion among its members. It involves the absence of widespread conflict, social unrest, and disruptive factors that could threaten the well-being and functioning of the community. Social stability is often associated with factors such as economic prosperity, effective governance, and social cohesion.

Who achieved political stability with the introduction of the feudal system?

The Feudal System achieved political and social stability through ?

What are the bece social studies questions 2012?

environment and health politics and stability and social environment

What are the example of social process?

social process theory