Why is candyfloss so fluffy?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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because its made of sheep wool :)

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Q: Why is candyfloss so fluffy?
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Are marshmellows fluffy?

Sort of. They are an "aerated confection". Similar to a mousse, as opposed to 'fluffy' like candyfloss.

Who wrote the book 'Candyfloss'?

Candyfloss was written by Jaqueline Wilson.

When was candyfloss invented?

in 1973

Is candyfloss made of sugar?

Yes candyfloss is mainly made out of sugar. Sugar being the main ingredients of cause.

What is a teapot made out of?

Candyfloss (sometimes)

What in candyfloss does charlie put in his butties?


What do pink flossys smell like?


How do you say candyfloss in Russian?

Sladkaya vata.

What is the teacher name in candyfloss?

Mrs Horsefield

Is there a binweevils code for a candyfloss machine?

the answer for candyfloss machine iscandyfloss machine 12345 al the best good luck do reember this is my real name HamiraFatimalolxxx

What is candyfloss?

Candyfloss is a sticky pink treat that is made purely out of sugar. It is commonly found at fairs or theme parks, and it is very sweet and yummy ! :D

Jacqueline wilsons favourite food?

it used to be fruit but now it is cauliflower cheese and candyfloss i think it is so if its not sorry but i think its that