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Why is carbon tetrachloride is not soluble in water?


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because it is non polar and water is polar. polar dissolve with polar. nonpolar dissolve with nonpolar

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Magnesium is not soluble in carbon tetrachloride.

Sulfur is soluble in carbon tetrachloride.

No, Because the intermolecular forces between Carbon and Chlorine are strong and did not soluble in water.

Almost all the nitrates are soluble in water including potassium nitrate, but carbon tetrachloride is an organic non polar liquid so it is not soluble in water.

Water is not miscible with carbon tetrachloride.

Iodine is highly soluble in water. It is also soluble in iodine solutions, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and carbon disulphide among others.

Sodium chloride is not soluble in carbon tetrachloride.

Sodium chloride is not soluble in carbon tetrachloride.

Carbon tetrachloride is a good solvent for oils.

Carbon tetrachloride is soluble in benzene, chloroform, ether, ethanol and other organic solvents but in water the solubility is not significative.

Sulfur is soluble in carbon tetrachloride.

It does not make sense to ask what solvent would be more soluble. Solutes are soluble in solvents. In any event, carbon tetrachloride is a very potent solvent of non-polar chemicals.

all lipids are insoluble in polar solvents (Water) by the way . WATER not wather :D ' but lipids are soluble in non_polar solvents such as benzine and Carbon tetrachloride

Only a very small concentration of carbon tetrachloride can be dissolved in water.

Carbon is not soluble in water.

No, carbon tetrachloride does not float on water because it is immiscible with, and heavier than water, and forms a lower layer.

Most non-polar compounds are poorly soluble in water, which is a very polar solvent. Non-polar substances may be soluble in non-polar solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, diethyl ether or hexane.

Carbon is not soluble in water

umm it reacts violently in water. so it may be "soluble" but it reacts rather violently

as like dissolves like water being polar cannot dissolve a non polar substance like naphthalene.

Chloroform; it is a polar molecule (like water) as opposed to carbon tetrachloride, which is nonpolar (a tetrahedral shape with identical bonds and electronegative pulls that balance out). Like substances dissolve like substances, thus chloroform dissolves more in water.

Water, Alcohol, and Carbon Tetrachloride.

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