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Why is college so important?


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Before your start reading : please get the idea of my message but not my writing skills in english, as I come from Europe and speak French as mother tongue.

Why is it so important? Mostly because the job market says so.

I don't mind if it's right or not, it's just a statistic fact.

Simply put, an enormous quantity of future employers would ask for a college diploma before hiring you on an well-payed job.

You need a diploma in a field that the job market needs.

Why get that kind of job?

Some people would say because they would like the job.

I'd rather say, that I want that kind of job to :


College increases greatly your chances of getting a well-payed job.

This money will be handy someday to raise your kids in a nice city, have a big house which is clean, a big yard so you can have dogs running and a swimming pool!

You'll be able to feed your wife and kids well with quality food and yet still have some money to do sports and leisures and buy new computers and electronics.

Because you have a good job and no problem with money, you will be able to focus your attention, energy and love on other things than finding a better job, finding bargains, getting used clothes for your childrens, not be able to go on vacation at the beach etc..


Would you rather want to do a job that you actually like or even love?

That is another question.

This question often led me to some spectacular conversations with people who told me I was too much of a follower, a sheep, that I didn't believe in freedom...

That i went to college and work only for money.

Well, maybe.

For the love and happiness of my wife and childs, yes I did.

My opinion is that, money won't make you happy. But lacking money could be a serious problem to get you unhappy with the ones you love.

Then, getting a job with a college diploma is a good way of making money for you, your friends and family.

Without a college diploma, the employers offers you less payed job. Still, there are others diploma availables elsewhere than college. But if you look closely, the diploma in colleges offers your the best paid jobs - period.

College becomes your weapon, your mental tool, your friend, it is a good choice.

BUT, it is not the ONLY choice.

Just a pretty good one.

It's up to you to choose if you go or not...

What do you want, really?