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Cricket is not played in England its played in India!

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because they think there good at it!!

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Q: Why is cricket played in England?
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Have England ever played cricket in Scotland?

Yes England have played cricket in Scotland.

What country was cricket first played in? suprised they are still rubbish at cricket

What are sports that are played in England?

Cricket is a sport in England.

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What sports are played in England but not played in France?


When did England played his first Cricket Match?

England played his first official Cricket Match against Australia on 15 March 1877.

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Which country played cricket first?

Australia Vs England

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What is a place where cricket is played?

The Sport of Stick Cricket is a little deceiving. Cricket is popular in England, but stick cricket is played primarily online, by stick figures. Apps can be downloaded to various tablets and smartphones.

When and where was the first ODI Cricket World Cup played?

The first ODI Cricket World Cup was played in 1975 in England.