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They live off the dirt in the soil, they even fertilise the soil with their waste. Dirt provides moisture for the worms to live and not dry up and die.

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Q: Why is earthworm suited for life in the soil?
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Why is earthworm poop good for soil?

Because earthworm poop is dirt and it naturalizes the soil.

How is the structure of the earthworm's related to it's way of life?

they both look like soil as camoflage

How does the movement of earthworm in soil helps a farmer?

An earthworm, while moving, chews up some soil and spits out the same amount of soil back into the ground. The soil which was eaten becomes fertile and more plants will grow on fertile soil. therefore, an earthworm helps a farmer by making soil fertile.

What are two ways in which an earthworm's body is adapted to life in soil?

An earthworm's body is adapted to life in the soil by having a slender body and by digesting soil. The long body makes it easier to burrow. Also, by just digesting the soil and passing it through the anus the worm can get nourishment while just moving.

Which lives in the soil?


How can you find out wheather an earthworm eats soil?

To find out what an earthworm has been eating an examination of their droppings is needed. If the earthworm has been eating soil, sand will be present in the droppings.

What is the habitat of an earthworm?

the soil it lies in

How do you find out whether earthworm eat soil?

by dissecting the earthworm and looking inside of the stomach...

How does an earthworm help soil?

Earthworms help by fertilizing the soil with their waste.

Does woodlouse and earthworm eat soil?


What is the main nutrition source for an earthworm?

it is soil

What are the functions of an earthworm?

improve the health of the soil