Why is ergonomics important?


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The importance of a proper ergonomic position is more evident in the long term. If you're in a bad position where your neck is strained for one day, your body will recover. However, if you're in that position day after day for many years, you'll develop lasting problems. Here are some examples of problems that can result from improper ergonomic positions over time:

- carpal tunnel syndrome, resulting from repetitive tasks, such as clicking the mouse

- numbness in the arms or legs, resulting from improper alignment which cuts off circulation

- tendonitis, which is an inflammation of the tendons resulting from overuse or using wrists or shoulders in the wrong way

- back problems resulting from lifting heavy objects, excessive bending from the waist, sitting for long periods of time without proper back support

- neck and shoulder soreness resulting from having a computer monitor too low below eye level, so the head leans down to see it.

Although these may not sound like serious problems, poor ergonomic positioning actually causes a lot of injuries in the workplace every day.