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Britain is not a major producer of cotton. Since they cannot produce or import the corn needed to supply ethanol cost effectively, it would not be logical for them to use ethanol to fuel their cars.


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We hope that it will be used more in the future, because earth's store of patroleum will end someday. it was first used in ford cars, in 1908.

In petrol (gasoline) cars, the commonly used fuel is a mixture of hydrocarbons principally octane,. As diesel, alkanes with 20 to 25 carbon atoms are used and ethanol is being an alternative and emerging fuel.

Its ethanol.. NOT acetone!!

Ethanol is the fuel used in the Indianapolis 500.

In theory yes but there's very little point in it as you can either get ethanol from crude oil through distilling and cracking through which you can also get diesel and petrol from. You can also make ethanol out of vegetables but again you can also make diesel. The main use of ethanol in running cars I would say is bio-petrol which is just a mixture of petrol and ethanol. All this achieves is less petrol being used. But yes, you can fuel your car on it after modifications but it's more commonly used as an additive to petrol.

Ethanol is a combustible fluid, which is burned in internal combustion engines just as gasoline is. Electric cars (not hybrids) do not run on internal combustion engines, they run on electricity provided by batteries, which is used to operate electric motors. Hybrids have both features, they can run on fuel or on electricity.

Diesel is a fuel that is used in cars and stored in tanks. Gasoline / Petrol is another fuel that is used in cars and stored in tanks.

Biomass can be used to generate electricity and to fuel our cars. Biomass generates electricity when the biogas is burned and this turns a turbine or a generator creating electricity. It fuels our cars by turning corn into ethanol for our cars. Hopefully this helps...:D

Yes, ethanol (which can be used for car fuel) is the main ingredient used in alcoholic beverages.

No, your car will actually use more fuel when run on ethanol or with ethanol added into the gasoline, as ethanol has less energy than gasoline. The reason ethanol is sometimes used is that it causes less pollution as it burns cleaner than gasoline and also can assist gasoline to burn cleaner when used as an additive.

There are many products that can be used as fuel for cars. These products are more natural and better for the environment than fuel. Yeast can be used to produce fuel for cars by breaking it down.

While diesel engines do use fuel with the highest percentage of ethanol (Grain alcohol), they do not use 100% ethanol.

diamonds prettiness fuel cars

A fuel which is very similar to gasoline is used in F1 cars. But it is different from the commercial gasoline.

Here in America we use one type of primary fuel and some alternative fuels. Our primary fuel is unleaded gasoline which comes in three octanes which are 87,89,93. I believe I got the octanes correct, but some stations offer a different lineup. One of our alternatives is E85 which is 85 percent ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol formed from corn.

E85 is a blend of gasoline and ethanol fuel which has been denatured. The ratio is 15% to 85%. E85 is a variety of fuel, but modifications to the engine are required for this to be used.

Hydrogen is a cleaner fuel than ethanol because, unlike ethanol, it does not contain hydrocarbons (which when burnt release harmful carbon dioxide and monoxide gases.). Hydrogen only produces water as a byproduct when used in combustion, so it is a cleaner fuel.

Hydrogen can be used as fuel in carsbecause it don't cause any pollution

Ethanol fuel is ethanol, the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is most often used as a motor fuel, mainly as a biofuel additive for gasoline.

it can be used by not polluting the air and it is a safe gas for cars and the environment

For vehicles/fuel Brazil uses ethanol fuel. Brazil's 30-year-old ethanol fuel program is based on the most efficient agricultural technology for sugarcane cultivation in the world.

Corn, primarily; it gets turned into ethanol which is used as fuel.

A Petrol Pump is used to put fuel into a fuel tank.

Your car can safely run on fuel that is up to 10% ethanol. To run E85 which is 85% ethanol your car must be modified. It can be done but it would be very expensive to make all the changes necessary. Ethanol is a solvent and will destroy common rubber seals and gaskets used in cars not designed to run it. It is highly corrosive to aluminum and other parts in an engine. And besides, why would you want to burn ethanol. Ethanol has less energy than gasoline so your fuel mileage will drop around 20 to 30%. If you are getting 30 mpg with gasoline you will get around 24-25 with Ethanol. You will also have less power burning Ethanol. And it takes corn and other food sources to make Ethanol. That causes the price of corn to go up costing us more for food products containing corn.

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