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Because she's a female.

2008-08-27 06:30:10
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Why does he talk about his ex-girlfriends?

it could be that he still has feelings 4 them and is upset or sad that she broke it off with him or that he broke it off with her

Why does your ex act like he doesnt want to be friends?

probably because hes a jerk & is upset that you broke up with him.

Why is my ex husband upset and accusing me of sleeping with everyone when he broke up with me 8 months ago and I'm not sleeping with anyone?

Because he still loves you.

Ex-boyfriend married 9 months after breakup was this made as rebound?

It could possibly be a rebound relationship if your break-up with him really upset him. However, if he was not that upset about your break-up with him, then this is just a natural attraction. Who knows, maybe he was seeing this person before you two broke-up.

If a married man thought he broke up his ex mistress relationship with his now ex friend but found out later they are still together would he be jealous?

Yes. If you thought you conquored something and you find out you actually didn't, you'd be upset wouldn't you?

What does your ex being mean to you after a break-up mean?

It means he is upset over the breakup still and that is usually how they deal with it by being a jerk. Also it depends on the reason for the break up and who broke up with whom - he may genuinely be upset with you and have sore feelings towards you.

Why is your ex jealous-he broke up with you?

He is just upset that he is a loser who couldn't be with you anymore don't worry eventually he will get over unless he is mildly phsychocatic then u may need to worry a little.

Your husband keeps in contact with his ex-wife even though he knows you do not like it you struggled badly a whole year and almost broke up Now he is back in touch with her again What is wrong?

If there are children involved then your husband has to be in contact with his ex wife because of the children. However, if there are no children involved there is no need for him to be in contact with his ex wife and you need to make it clear to him that it is either her or you. Let him know you are willing to file for divorce if he does not leave his ex out of your lives and tell him that 'ex' means the relationship is over.

Why was sodapop upset in chapter 12?

the letter upset him: his ex-girlfriend sent his letter back unopened.

Me and my ex broke up he looks rough?

If you and your ex broke up and he looks rough maybe he is having a hard time with the break up.

Your ex doesnt want to date any one and just wants to be friends with you?

Depends on who broke up with who. If you broke up with him, means he is still not over you but he broke up with you then that means he is not ready for another relationship and just wants to keep contact with you because you are good friend to him.

Can your ex husbands soon to be ex wife contact your youngest sons father about her and your ex husbands court case when there is a no contact oreder between your ex husband and his soon to be ex wife?

Yes. The no contact order affects the "ex husband and his soon to be ex wife" and not the "soon to be ex wife and your youngest son's father".Yes. The no contact order affects the "ex husband and his soon to be ex wife" and not the "soon to be ex wife and your youngest son's father".Yes. The no contact order affects the "ex husband and his soon to be ex wife" and not the "soon to be ex wife and your youngest son's father".Yes. The no contact order affects the "ex husband and his soon to be ex wife" and not the "soon to be ex wife and your youngest son's father".

Ex cheated and left you why is she upsett?

If this man or woman your ex, you can't be upset anymore. If your talking about when the two of you were still couples, yes who wouldn't get upset knowing that your spouse is cheating on you. Now that the two of you is not couples anymore, you can't be upset to what he or she is doing.

Is it wrong to be upset that my family hangs out with my ex-boyfriend?


Is it common to get upset if your girlfriend contacts her ex?

Often yes

Your boyfriend friends with the ex?

I would be mad, and upset, and confused.

I can't stop texting my ex?

It is not clear if you broke up with your ex or if your ex broke up with you. Either way if you are now both broken up you need to accept this and stop texting. What you are doing is harassment.

What do you do when your ex doesn't want to talk to you because you broke up with him?

You respect his wishes and stop contacting him. Neither one of you is obligated to be friends or to keep in touch. You may feel that you can be friends, but your ex obviously feels that it will easier for him to move on if he has no contact with you.

Should i send my ex a birthday card we broke up 5 months ago and the only 'contact' since then was a missed call from him i didn't have the guts to call back.?

If you want to get back with him, do send a card

Why would an ex ask you to contact him then not respond?

If an ex ask you to contact him and he doesnt respond he is probably playing mind games or seeing someone else. Just contact him once, then stop. You shouldn't waist your time because you moved on.Answer talking to an exSpeaking from experience, sometimes you start to think about the good times and want to talk to your ex. But then when reality sinks in you start to remember all the problems you had and why you broke up in the first place and decide it would be better not to get in touch afterall.

Would Like to make contact with ex husband?

Are you asking if you should make contact with your ex husband??

How do you know if you ex is still into you?

if they broke up with you, move on. If you broke up with them and they flirt with you, flirt with them back

What is the meaning of ex boyfriend?

A boyfriend that you had but you broke up with!

Why was your ex boyfriend mean when you broke up?


What is a x boyfriend?

normally spelled ex-boyfriend and its when you dated someone then broke up he is your ex