Why is fable 2 so cheap?

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Most likely due to lower demand for Fable I because the demand for RPG's aren't as high as first person shooters. Also it could be due to the fact that it's been out for a while.
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What is Fable 2?

Fable 2 is Peter Molyneux's latest work, and it is set to blow the doors off of its predecessor!. In this game, it will be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to die, regardless of how dismal your chances of winning are at the time. Molyneux decided that living with defeat is better than dying ( Full Answer )

Why is it so cheap?

Some things are cheap because it costs less to produce them. Thingsare also cheap if the materials used to create them areinexpensive.

Can you be a girl in Fable 2?

Yes. You can choose to be one in the beginning, or you can choose to become one later.

What is the story to Fable 2?

The story is set 500 years after the first game, you are a child in the trade district of the New Bowerstone, your sister tells you about this box which can grant you one wish. You quickly wish to be free of poverty. Soon enough you are summoned to a castle, by Lord Lucian, where your sister is murd ( Full Answer )

Is jack of blades in fable 2?

no @Not in a way that can be seen, heard, or used. At the end of Fable 2, if you chose to revive everyone you love, Your sister is revived as well, but in a different location. According to the letter she sends you, She wakes up in a forest, and meets a scary looking Hooded and masked charac ( Full Answer )

How do you get fable 2 pub game items to fable 2?

The Pub Games that were released on XBox Live previous to the release of the game are already included on the actual game disc. There is no need to import them. You will find them in the various taverns scattered throughout Albion. They were offered as a bonus for pre-ordering so that you could begi ( Full Answer )

Where is the library in Fable 2 need Help with Fable 2?

The Library is the Fiction Burns bookstore located in the Bowerstone Market. Head to the houses lining the left side of the square (after you come off the bridge) and it will be the second house filled with...well.... books of course.

Is fable 3 different to Fable 2?

In some ways it is, there is many specific changes from fable 2 to fable 3 fable 3 has a different story line, it has different interaction way , the way you change your clothes/weapons/buy new upgrades etc is different also. and there are new areas to explore, there are also new enemies to kil ( Full Answer )

What is better fable 1 or 2?

Well some people like the first game and some people like the second, I myself think that some things were better in Fable 2, but at the same time, I think that some things were better in Fable 1.If i could i would say that they should have put a bit more from fable 1 like the old armor and put it i ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of STDs on Fable 2?

you cant the stds dosent really do anything but just say you slept around with a bunch of people Note that It is not just stating you slept around with a bunch of people. I got married and had sex and got the stds from my husband and have not slept around soooo it could mean ur being cheated on

Where to get white dye in fable 2?

You can either buy it at the clothing shops or from the clothing trader, or you can find it in a chest or somthing.

Can you get skinnier in Fable 2?

Yes, you can by eating vegetables, cheese, drinking water, eating healthy stuff, basically. Food from produce stands will get you skinnier.

How do you get murgo the trader in fable 2?

Well in the beginning of the game you find him with you sister, but, if you want to find him after you've grown up, you have to go to Bowerstone Market. If you come from the front entrance, go straight and cross the bridge, and either on you left or right will be a way under the bridge. After you ar ( Full Answer )

How can you get infinite gold in Fable 2?

you can disconnect yourself from xboxlive and then go to system settings, then change the date to 2025 then go back to fable wait for your money to load then save and connect back, and just repeat the process.

Is Fable 2 a continuation of Fable 1?

Not really no, it is set quite a while after Fable 1, with a new Hero, and only one character really returns (i won't ruin it for you) and Oakvale has fallen into disrepair. so no is the simple answer :)

Answer this if you like Fable 2?

Fable 2 is a great game! I quite enjoyed playing it and I look forward to playing Fable 3 this summer!

How do you turn good in Fable 2?

Don't kill anyone, give money to homeless (will make them likeyou), marry someone, don't sacrifice people. And if you don't wantto be corrupt, do not overcharge rent for people!

Where is serenity fields in Fable 2?

If you mean serenity farm, it's behind the oakfield demon door, which is the first path off the road just left of the sandgoose.

What does giles key do on Fable 2?

It opens the basement region of the farm. If you finish the basement at the end there will be a dig spot and a silver key in the dig spot there is the enforcer a legendary gun.

How do you get a headshot on Fable 2?

you have to commit experience points towards your Dexterous styles level 4 will allow you to aim at different body parts. which will allow you to aim at the head. plus at that jewels which will give you an achievement after you get 25 jewel shots

How do you clean your cloths in Fable 2?

You don't, you can buy new ones if you want them clean, or dye them a darker colour so you can't see the dirt, but some clothes just look that way naturally

Fable 2 how to get comedants clothes?

Hero of Will quest you will come back with Spire Guard clothing, that's as close to commendants clothes as you will get.

Fable 2 can you get a ship?

you can't own a ship and the only time you're ever really on a ship is when you are going to The Spire. but no you can't own a ship.

Is the a Fable 2 walkthough?

No, it left demo shops early 2009 but there is a Fable 3 walktrough on the Xbox 360 Marketplace

Where is a posh shirt in Fable 2?

there are posh shirts all over, Bowerstone Old Town has a clothing trader with them, and other clothing vendors occasionally have them as well, it helps to have a town with a high economy, they will sell higher graded goods.

How can you get you get your dog to use will in fable 2?

You cannot, it's a trick that confuses people who read the description of the dog collars. they are just different colours and you cannot have a will using or a marksman dog, it's just to throw you off.

How do i beet lucienon Fable 2?

It's a story line game, you don't have to work that hard at fighting lucien, just be strong to fight his guards is all. Max your strength and skill throughout the game and it will be easy.

What is the plot to Fable 2?

Together with the Heros of Strength, Skill, and Will, you must take down Lucien, the evil ruler and avenge your sister's death as well as save many innocent souls from the future world controller!

What is so good about Fable?

strong storyline, good graphics, simple combat system, various weapons, armor and upgrades. pretty much anything a RPG wants or needs with a comedy side tossed in. while it does nto appeal to all forms of gamers (then again no game does) it appeals to a large amount of role play gamers and the abil ( Full Answer )

How do you decorate a house in fable 2?

You have to have furniture already in your inventory. Go to the landlord sign in front of a house you own. Bring up the menu from that sign. Pick Enter Decoration Mode, and walk into the house. You can switch out the furniture from there.

How do you get 2 players on fable 2?

turn your controller on then hit the start button then it will let the 2nd player customize their person. The first player can pick how much exp he want to go to his profile and the 2nd players profile if he has one at all.

How do you know if you are pregnant in Fable 2?

The first time you get pregnant, there will be a fancy clip to watch, but after that, there is no pregnancy, you have sex, your husband makes a joke, and there is a baby in the room! This confused me because when I first played I had never seen condoms, so I kept having unprotected sex, but I never ( Full Answer )

How do you you get expressions in Fable 2?

You earn them by just playing the game, you can also find the expression manuals in chests and dig spots, the easiest way is to purchase them from traveling vendors and the bookstores.

Where is the legenadary katana in Fable 2?

After buying the brightwood tower, go to outdoor level where the cullis gate is and look over the balcony at the spot where it has eroded, and you will see a giant hole. jump into and you will be in Archons Knot, you'll find it in the chest on a platform after you leave through the door just outside ( Full Answer )

How do you find gargoyles in Fable 2?

First, you have to obtain aimed range. Once you find your first gargoyle, use the aimed range to shoot it. This will start the gargoyle quest, and you will find the gargoyle map in your inventory. Once you start the quest, you will be able to locate the gargoyles by two different means. One is by si ( Full Answer )

Will there be a Fable 4 and if so what will it be like?

Peter Molyneux has revealed plans for a 4th and 5th installment of the game. Currently, a game called Fable: The Journey is in the works, however, at the moment no one is calling it the 4th Fable. Any details about Fable 4 have not been revealed.